More Sam………..

I think it is about time for some things Sam says to me to lighten up our moods. I know I am due for a laugh or two, and just thinking about the way this precocious six year old speaks tends to make a tickle or two along my funny bone.

Samism’s (just a few)….

  1. “Gramma Suze, lookit whats I gots! It’s a worry rock!” after giving me a rock of my very own: “Just recomember that you gots to take it out of your pocket before rubbin it, kay?”  me: “why” Sam: “Ya don’ts wants to look like yer playin pocket pool!”


2. “stupid dumb dog!” me: “what’s the dog done Sam?” “he barfded in my new boots!” me: “didn’t your mom clean them up?” Sam: “yea, but they          are ruint now. who wants to wear barfy boots? Cowboys don’t wear barfy boots!”


3. “Gramma Suze, my teacher is a hotty!” me: “Sam, is that a nice way to talk about your teacher?” Sam: (looking very confused). “she can’t help it,            the air conbitionder don’t work”




9 thoughts on “More Sam………..

  1. Ha! Thank you. I needed this today. 😃

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  2. “Cowboys don’t wear barfy boots”–that’s awesome!

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  3. Sam is my hero!!!

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