thank goodness for six year olds!

Sam saved the day today…..six years old and fearless Sam took care of a situation for me that was driving me crazy!

I did something stupid today. I sat on my computer glasses.

Broke the arm right off of them and haven’t a clue how to fix them. I tried using them anyway, but was giving myself a HORRIBLE headache from the focus going in and out as they slipped and slid all over my face.

Sam (bless the child) came over after school, saw the problem and asked “why duncha just make the letters really BIG Gramma Suze? The you could see them, right?”

I had to admit to Sam that I had no idea how to do that.

Five seconds after looking at the computer my icons were LARGE, the fonts were all HUGE and I can see without the glasses!

So, if I am a bit slow to write for the next ten days, it is because my glasses are broken and I am waiting for their replacements to arrive in the mail.

Lordie, I wish I were as smart as a six year old!

2 thoughts on “thank goodness for six year olds!

  1. We were born 50 years too soon

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  2. Sam is a treasure ♥️

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