home improvements..well, sort of………

I’ve written before that we have zero closets in our home and I have had to come up with some (at times) rather odd ways of compensating for the lack. We HAD a large closet in the front room (what a stupid place to put one) but none in the bedroom.

First I tried two above-the-toilet-shelves……………….I attached them to a corner in the bedroom. That worked for about six months.

new “closet”

Then I managed to save enough to make built-ins, so those shelves disappeared. I painted the room too! I HATED that bright green. It was even on the ceiling!


But George likes to hang his shirts and pants…so I continued to try to find a way to build him a closet that works…..I even considered using the front room closet, but NO WAY did I want George to wander around the house before getting dressed.

Instead I built a reading nook in that closet.

notice RoseElaine’s paintings!

In the meantime, almost 2 years went by before I actually thought to build a working bedroom closet.

There were so many far more important rehabs that needed doing first.

I finally took the initiative to use some recovered space from the laundry room rehab and the space where the stairs we located (about a bazillion years ago), and this morning turned it all into a usable closet for George.

This is quite possibly the strangest closet ever to be found in a home, but so far I think it will work out just fine.

I was able to do it for about 1.39………….

I reused shelves, reused the coat racks and wall hangers, and bought a box of screws (I found the receipt..it was 1.48) with which to install everything.

My house rehab list is shrinking like mad. The only things we absolutely have to do are to upgrade the bathroom, put down new floors throughout the house and put in a new roof.

The bathroom is scheduled for sometime in February, and hopefully the FHA grant will be approved this year for the roof and floors. By the time everything is done I will be too old (hopefully) to think about doing anything else!



8 thoughts on “home improvements..well, sort of………

  1. I have never heard of a house with no closets! Is your house pretty old? You have done a great job improvising and I’m sure George appreciates ya!

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      1. Wow! That explains it! Cool!

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  2. Love the cozy reading area and his new closet!! . . had you ever thought of making the attic into a giant (short??) closet for him??! 😂

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    1. we were going to work on the attic, but it would cost way too much to shore up the rafters to take weight…darn it all.


  3. You are brilliant coming up with these ideas 💡 love your thinking

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  4. You’re so creative–I love your reading nook! I’d like one for our house, but I’m still trying to find the right ‘nook’!

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