why do I bother?

I was watching the Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearing on justice nominee Kavenaugh this morning…and a friind said “why do you bother?”.

So, why do I bother?

It isn’t like any of my state’s senators bother to listen to me………..

After thinking about it I said “it is history being made. We are watching the destruction of constitutional law in this country. It is the absolute dereliction of the Senate’s duties in real time, and I wanted to see which ones had the balls to act as if their obstructionism is just another day at the office for them.”

I was not surprised to hear every Republican speak of the Democrats being obstructionists, that Kavenaugh is such a ‘fine man and great jurist”, that he is another “Antonin Scalia who was the greatest jurist ever to sit on the Supreme Court, and Kavenaugh is just like him”.

I was again not surprised by the attempts at reigning in Grassley and forcing the rule of order back into the proceedings by the Democrats and lone independent on the committee. I was also not surprised that their efforts came to naught.

I was not surprised to see person after person arrested while shouting in the back of the room (39 by my last count).

Scalia was not the greatest juror.  He wasn’t even CLOSE. His writings were pedantic and often made little sense. His law reviews were mediocre at best.

Kavenaugh lied to the Senate once before.  During his hearing to appoint to the court of appeals, he said he had “nothing to do with the new rules for torture” which was an absolute lie. He not only attended the meetings but contributed to them.  The Democrats want to find those transcripts and have them in hand when asking him about his prior testimony. The Republicans know this and want to prevent it.

Kavenaugh will be approved.

He will become the next SC justice.

We need to just understand that, and then work on what we can get accomplished in spite of that fact. In the meantime, it is a circus.



6 thoughts on “why do I bother?

  1. “……and I wanted to see which ones had the balls to act as if their obstructionism is just another day at the office for them.”

    Answer: All of them.

    Every single day. All of these clowns need to go. Every last one of them.

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    1. oh I agree. And am doing my darndest to make sure every human above the age of consent in the state is registered, has a ride and will vote this fall.

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      1. Good!!! Time to bring down the gauntlet. I hope people have had just about enough of this shit. I know have…. months ago.

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  2. Suze, me too. I was watching the posturing, the suck-ups, the partisanship and then Blumenthal spoke. Gee, he’s a Democrat and he got shot down rather rudely by the Chair. Nothing will change in Congress until we change it. And I will cast my vote in November. But my Repturd neighbors will negate my vote with theirs. So, why bother? I am a tired old man sick of politics, tired of watching Chris, Rachel and Lawrence, fed up with all the bull crap. I do not want to depart this life thinking the country I loved is gone forever. Then I think maybe I have been wrong all along about this country and the people. It becomes a cyclical mindf**k.

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  3. I can’t watch it. I tried, but I came way to close to throwing my shoe into my very expensive TV, so I turned it off.

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  4. Someone needs to witness. I feel bad that it has become too triggering for me with my trauma history to watch that stuff live. I have to let my Partner do it and summarize, but it is important that those who can watch it do so we never get complacent.

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