Amazing pets!

Sam, the intrepid six year old next door, came blasting over a few minutes ago.

I asked why he wasn’t at school and his response was…”I gots the mumpers”

I said “mumpers?”

Sam replied “yup, I got a dipeased called mumpers, and I gets to stay home from school and my teacher says it’s gonna take foreber to gets better but I am getting better now“.

I figured the boy has the mumps……..thank goodness George and I both had the nasty illness as children!

Sam then told me “I gots two new pets. Wanna see um, Gramma Suze?”

I said “sure thing Sam, want me to come to your house?”

Sam said, “nope. I gots em here just in case”

Now, I am looking right at Sam and he has no pets on him,…but he starts digging in a pocket and came out with what he calls…………….

“A Lobster, Gramma! A real Lobster, and I found it all by myself!”

Of course, I made him take his lobster outside…

That is a crawdad…or what we used to call a crawdad. Maybe crayfish is the best term. it seems Sam has been digging around in a local creek bed.

Of course, after seeing a “lobster” I am now rather worried about whatever else Sam has in a pocket.

I am amazed it didn’t get squished in the boy’s pocket actually.

Sam has taken home his “pets’ now, and presumably his Granny Sally has put him to bed where a boy with the “mumpers” surely belongs. I just hope Sally has an aquarium ready for that Lobster.

10 thoughts on “Amazing pets!

  1. I love him too. I can’t help wondering how his life will turn out ♥️

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  2. Is this a cliffhanger or what? When do we get to find out about the second pet?!

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    1. he had a tiny frog..see the picture? lol


  3. Oh, now I do! Terrific frog and grandson!

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  4. What did he name the “lobster”?

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  5. awwwww! He’s such a cutie! 😀

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