26 new questions, or stuff you didn’t want to know about Suze

Okay, I’ll admit, I just stole these questions from Fandango, who swiped them from Barbara at Teleportingweena…..but in my defense, Fan said we could steal em so steal em I did!

If you want, you too may steal them.  I refuse to simply give them away. That might be following a rule I would rather break.

  1. Share your profile picture. which one? I have had several..how about all of them?

  2. Who are you named after? my uncle Harry Lamar Matthews. My name is Lamar Suzan….I changed it to Suzan Lamar then the DMV changed it to Susan Lamar cause they didn’t believe me.
  3. Do you like your handwriting? nope
  4. What’s your favorite lunchmeat  shwarma
  5. Longest relationship? George, I met him 55 years ago.
  6. Do you still have your tonsils? nope….I am missing several other body parts too. Wanna know which ones?
  7. Would you bungee jump? already did…scared the crap out of myself!
  8. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? nope. I wear slip ons
  9. Favorite ice-cream?  sherbet..preferably orange.
  10. What’s the first thing you notice about people? their facial expression
  11. Football or baseball? NO! JUST NO!
  12. What color pants are you wearing? I’m wearing pants?  Are you sure? Cause last time I looked…………….
  13. Last thing you ate? peanut butter and Nutella on a spoon
  14. If you were a crayon what color would you be? I’d rather be acrylic paint if I get a choice. Coral..or turquoise..or emerald…or amethyst..or maybe even ruby
  15. Favorite smell? frying bacon and onions…. Yes, together!
  16. Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone? an Indian chick trying to explain to me why the Directv dude was NOT at my door the way he was supposed to be and why she couldn’t tell me how the appointment got cancelled not ten minutes after they sent a call he would be here before 4 pm, and the call was at 4:45pm!
  17. Hair color? white now..it has been every single color available from the lovely people at l’Oreal though.
  18. Eye color? Hazel green
  19. Favorite food to eat? .yes……….pretty much everything except curry or grasshoppers            .
  20. Scary movies or happy endings? I really dislike scary movies. Not all that crazy about “happy endings” either. I like drama and comedy..mostly British. American movies have been basically dreck since 1955.
  21. Last movie you watched?  Victoria and Abdul
  22. Favorite holiday? I’m stealing Fandango’s answer here! Trump Impeachment Day.
  23. Beer or wine? wine
  24. Favorite day of the week? any day George is off work and spending it with me.
  25. Three or (four) favorite bloggers you want to learn more about?  I refuse to choose.  I would encourage anyone reading this to answer as I am curious about everyone.
  26. Added info you didn’t know you wanted. do what?  Okay I must admit I have absolutely NO IDEA what this one is asking for. Yes, I read it..several times in fact. I even asked George what he thought it meant….it’s hard to rattle my German/American hubster but this one did it. he muttered something (in German) under his breath, patted me on the head and said “No”.  You can interpret that however ya want. I refuse to think about it.

8 thoughts on “26 new questions, or stuff you didn’t want to know about Suze

  1. Okay I know lots more about you. Um. I meant to get to these today, but it’s looking iffy AGAIN. Might tomorrow…or might not. Friday is shaping up to be a great question day…… yeah. 🙂

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    1. Friday looks good for all kinds of things at the moment…lol


  2. I love this! I share many of your responses, but especially #22 & #23!

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  3. Love this! Have to steal it! 😀

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  4. Thanks so much for playing along! I liked your answers!
    Seems like a lot of people like peanut butter…me too! (and that’s too many ‘likes’ in those sentences – oh well)
    Bacon & onions…now my mouth is watering!
    That # 26… oh, my word, what a ??? haha!
    P.S. I’m posting some more questions later today…. weird ones! 🙂

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    1. yes! have to steal those as well then! lol

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