In the grand scheme of things……….

Nothing of note has happened that compels me to blog…except:

I finally have a primary care professional and can see her whenever I want to.

For me this is huge.

Those that have followed me for a while know that I had a major heart attack in 2008 and died from it….and yes a magnificent surgeon brought me back. I had health insurance so the cost of the surgery, the helicopter ride (which I can not remember), the tests, extra docs in the surgical suite and several days in CCU then a regular hospital room wasn’t too awful….we only had a bill of 37K dollars. (yea, like we could afford that!)

But I lost my insurance as it “capped out”.  Then heart attack number 2 happened…with no insurance…………

Suffice it to say that the bills were rising towards our national debt.

So without insurance, I had absolutely zero access to a doc.

Until George and I followed my bud Angie up to Enid…where there is a “free clinic”.  One of those places where everyone volunteers their time and you wait and wait and wait in line outside for them to open then wait another eon to (hopefully) be called in to see a doctor.

With all the health issues I have had these guys at the clinic were a Godsend…until they weren’t.  They refused to provide me with a completed handicap form so I could get a parking permit. They came up with some rather inventive excuses for failing to complete one and after two years of messing with them I was ready to throw in the towel and just forget about going anywhere by myself again.

I can not physically walk more than 200 feet without forgetting out to breathe and having angina……not a pleasant experience, lemme tell ya.

This year it has all changed with the coming of 180-direct-primary-care.  A group of physicians, PA’s, RN’s that work on the basis of “no insurance accepted” with much lowered cost savings. You pay a certain amount per month and can see a doctor or PA of your choice as many times a month as you desire.

I saw a PA yesterday. She spent a little over an hour with me, learning about all the health issues I have, answering questions and generally being wonderful about my issues. She was thrilled that Angie was with me, as Angie is great about tattling on me when I try to downplay some of my health problems. Ang lets me get away with nothing. The office staff were all cheerful, yet very professional.

Today, I took in the permit paperwork and the PA signed off in it all in less than five minutes. I figure in about 3 to 3 1/2 weeks I will have my disabled parking permit in hand and can once again go to a store by myself and be capable of walking both too and from the store.

The 1 800 direct guys have offices all over the US, so those without insurance? this could be the way for you to go for your healthcare. I am sure grateful for them!

12 thoughts on “In the grand scheme of things……….

  1. That’s great news. Everybody ought to have access to health care. My partner does not have any insurance. What is that contact?

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    1. website is linked in the article sweetie.

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  2. Wonderful! I’m glad you found out about this, and can get seen when you need to. Yay for Angie, too, for going with you. 🙂

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  3. Wow .. been there done that. Two heart attacks in one week last October. It it wasn’t for the VA doctors I would be out of luck though ruined by the hospital and helicopter bills. Great informational blog post. g

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    1. so glad the VA was there for you!


  4. This is a huge deal, Suze! Im so glad you’re able to see a doctor now. Healthcare is a human right.

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    1. and amazingly, this country is the ONLY one that seems to think healthcare is NOT a right. shame that. maybe someday we will get into the 21st century along with everyone else.

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      1. Well, there’s a couple people that need to go before that can happen. 2018 and 2020, don’t fail me now!

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