wierd stolen questions…or stealing wierd questions. either/or

So I saw a bunch of wierd questions on Barbara’s site, teleportingweena…and took a day or two to think about whether or not I wanted to answer them. Well of course I wanted to, but thought maybe I should post about something else instead.

As everyone that follows me knows, I haven’t posted a dadgummed thing in days. Obviously my brain has turned off…so these questions reinserted themselves into my brain as a post.

Now Barbara got them from Sparks, and Sparks got them from AGuyCalledBloke…………one can only imagine that Bloke made them up as he is a bit….well…..odd.

In any event they are on this page now so I had best get cracking and answer the danged things so I have a post to….well……POST!

Q1] Why are supposedly easy to open packages always so difficult to open?  because they are designed by men?????

Q2] Time to fess up … what music from your teenage years do you turn on and still dance to? 

Q3] Were you a prankster or a darer?  do what?  Neither. I was a teenager.

Q4] What is the weirdest prank you ever pulled off? I never pulled a prank on anyone. I thought they were 1. stupid, 2. mean, and 3. incredibly stupid

PQ5] What was the weirdest band you ever listened to?  Strawberry Alarm Clock…at least they had a wierd name. does that count? 

Q6] What was the craziest dare you ever took on? Bungee jumping after my second heart attack. yes, I am that stupid sometimes.

PQ7] What was either weirdest book you ever read or the weirdest film you ever saw?  The Man Who Fell to Earth with David Bowie.


Q8] What is the weirdest meal you have ever eaten for dinner?  Fried Locusts, pita and hummus (yes, the bugs)

Q9] Time to fess up again, what was the weirdest or craziest fashion craze you were in to as a kid? 3-snap hip-hugger bell bottom jeans with a leather fringed halter top, a floppy suede hat and a purse made from a mexican blanket

Q10] What words did you make up and claim as your own as a kid? doofus 

Q11] In what game is the word snap used? I have absolutely no idea.

PQ12] Have you ever gotten completely and utterly lost? Explain please. no

Q13] Did you have a favourite piece of clothing as a kid or even as an adult?  my thobe from Egypt.

Q14] Do you have any strange family traditions? not really…none that I can think of anyway.

PQ15] Have you ever taken part in some kind of weird adventure? I once traveled from Texas (Austin) to Phoenix, Arizona by taking nothing but left turns.

Q16] When you were growing up and living with your parents what was the 1 thing you were always getting told off for? biting my fingernails

Q17] What is the ‘worst haircut’ you have ever had?  I had an afro in the early 80’s. does that count?

Q18] Can you remember who your worst school teacher was? Mr. Tiernan.  mean as hell, cussed the kids, grabbed kids by their shirt collars and shook them when they didn’t answer quickly or correctly. 4th grade teacher from HELL!

Q19] We all have one, but who is yours? The crazy relative? Great-Uncle Porteous…who shave off one eyebrow because he thought he looked “dashing’ to the ladies that way.

PQ20] Are you deleting any questions, if so which ones? Nope, although I almost wish I had deleted a few of them

Q21] What completely safe animal are you TOTALLY afraid of?? none. People scare me, not animals.


7 thoughts on “wierd stolen questions…or stealing wierd questions. either/or

  1. “Getting to know you, getting to know all about you.” Gee, maybe there’s a song in those words. Ya think?

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    1. omg Larry. I had that solo in high school!

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      1. Wellll, I guess we all know now how ancient you are. LOL

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  2. Thanks for answering the questions! Love your answers!
    Those are some super songs you picked, and that Strawberry Alarm Clock song is one that for some reason runs through my mind almost every day. Guess I like it a lot!
    Your fashion clothes, sound a lot like mine back in the day. Yep, we were cool!
    Now I want to hear all about your trip of left turns! I actually started writing a story like that (made up) but never finished it.
    Happy Monday! ❤

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    1. it was different for sure…..lol

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  3. What fascinating answers you shared! And don’t be too hard on yourself for not having anything to write about for a while…..I personally think that late August/early September is some kind of mystical writer’s block zone…I’ve had the same problem and I’m usually chatty as hell.

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    1. the television has been off for over a week, so i have no news people or politicians to yell about. then i am once again nesting since we paid off the house….putting little touches in that we couldn’t until it was ours..like a closet. or a shower. lol


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