i dont know what to title this..a rant i suppose

For the past three weeks I have been “waiting” for my satellite provider to get themselves out to the house and connect the danged thing.

Now, it is on the roof…and there is a cable thing coming through a wall…the problem is that the cable is coming through the wrong wall. The television is on the other side of the house. And since I do not want to have a cable running from one room through doorways and down halls to finally ge to another room, I made arrangements for the providers to come and “fix” it.

I was told a date and a range of times when the dude would show up, and also that the “job” would take about an hour.

For the privilege of having this dude show up I only had to pay a 49.00 fee.

He was supposed to be here September 5th.

Sigh. Then he was supposed to be here September 11th…………

After a thousand phone calls and a hundred complaints, he was supposed to show up on the 18th.

I kept checking the online “installation appt checker” and was thrilled spitless to see he would “arrive within 10 minutes”.  I waited on the front porch for an hour…came back in and the checker said “appt cancelled”.  WHAT?

I checked the appt notes online and “Collum” “arrived, knocked on the front door, no one answered”………say what?

I was ON the front porch and No ONE arrived, nor did anyone knock. They would have had to pass me to do so.

So I called.

First I spoke with “sonja” who barely spoke english. I was placed on hold.  The music, while softly playing was too horrible. I was transferred to “Mike”..who had a decidedly foreign acct and said “you weren’t home”. After explaining to Mike that I was indeed home, I asked for a supervisor.  He said sure..and placed me on hold again. The music was now louder and becoming irritating. After another ten minutes had elapsed, I was connected with “Anya”…with an Indian accent. I explained (four times) the situation and each time she said “yes miss, what is the phone number again?”. After a very frustrating twenty minutes hold with blaring new age touchy-feeling sitar music (I HATE sitar music) I was finally connected to a “supervisor” who sounded suspiciously like “Mike”.

I was told the best they could do what make a new appt and that would (of course) cost 49.00. I said they had already charged me for the installation and I wouldn’t pay for yet another, and “Mike” said “well you have to if you want the work done”.

I had to remind myself to breathe at that point. it was now 1 hour and 42 minutes into this call.

I told “Mike” transfer me to BILLING right now please.  he said “you don’t need….and i cut him off and repeated my demand for a transfer to the appropriate department.

“Stacy in billing” answered after a brief 22 minute wait……….. I said “I wish to cancel my service immediately”. Her response?  “Hold Please”.

Have I mentioned I absolutely hate it when companies hire foreign call centers to handle their business?

This “hold” lasted approximately one and a half seconds and Amanda answered the phone. She (thank GOD!) sounded like the girl next door.  I explained I wanted to cancel my acct. She said “of course, may i ask why?” I gave her a brief synopsis of what the last three weeks had been like…while I was talking she refunded the 49.00 fee, refunded the second fee which I hadn’t even paid yet, and said………

“we would hate to lose a long standing customer.  There has been a problem with our installation department but we never could find out who was failing to keep appts. No one ever gave a name of the installer before you. Now we know where the problem is we can solve it. I’d like to do something for you. Would you consider giving us one more chance to fix this?  I can offer you a year’s discount of $55.00 a month on your service.  i am also adding six premium channels at no charge, including the sports channel for your husband, for two years. Just remember to cancel them about two weeks before the two years is up if you no longer wish to have them. Will you give us one more chance?”

Holy crap!

The installer is supposed to be here on the 27th. My parents didn’t raise any fools….well….yes they did. But it isn’t ME!



6 thoughts on “i dont know what to title this..a rant i suppose

  1. Do you have Spectrum? I am disgusted with the internet service.

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    1. nope. never even heard of them before…

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  2. Wow, what a mess! 😦

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  3. Spectrum is relatively new but I think they are just the new Charter. Anyway, your patience paid off! Good for you!
    We have ATT Uverse and have boxes in several rooms. Every time someone loses service in the neighborhood, those jacklegs come mess with our wiring and it messes up our service. Internet is always messing up and I am about ready to cancel the whole mess and use Amazon. Dave has a smart TV, a fire stick, and we STILL have to pay these exorbitant rates to a satellite/internet provider. Its all a scam, utter BS!!!!

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    1. i have uverse as well, but 5 years and zero problems with it so far. just the television seems to be mucked up. ah well, i can live with an 8 dollar a month bill! lol

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  4. Wow, it was worth the pain for that offer, you go Suze 👍

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