I should be in the chamber of commerce

I really should. I find myself bragging on my “new’ hometown more than other people..always babbling on about what a great place Enid is to live.  I am pretty sure that people in the chamber get paid to do what i have been doing for free for over 5 years now and think I should get some of those dollars for myself.

Just this past weekend, Angie and I were on our way to the local dollar store to pick up some things for our upcoming camping trip.

On the way, I saw a guy riding a horse….

so of course I turned into the next parking lot to see if I could figure out where the cowboy was off too…………and saw this!

Cowboys driving longhorns downtown…………how cool is that? It was for the Cherokee strip Celebration…….for those that do not know that was the great homesteading race where we earned the name “sooner” for cheating and staking out homesteads before the race began. Just sayin……..

We did eventually get to the store.  And had completely forgotten why we went in the first place.

Eventually we figured it out, made our purchases and traveled on home again….but I sure do love the distractions here.

5 thoughts on “I should be in the chamber of commerce

  1. I wonder…is that an elected position?

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  2. How fun to see these! We sometimes see people riding horses here, but I’ve never seen a cattle drive. 🙂

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  3. I live in Ft Worth so…but hey, that is cool anyway. You describe it in a way that would make anyone want to visit!!

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  4. So random, yet so refreshing!

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