I just realized…………

I am once again “nesting”.

For those non-Americans, nesting is our “cute” term for decorating your home, or just wallowing in the comforts of your home, and ignoring the outside world. It is usually used when someone is pregnant…but can also be used when a (female) person gets a new home.

Well, I don’t have a NEW home. We’ve been here for going on five years. BUT, it is fully ours since we paid the final payment last month.

And I am finding myself making small but rather significant changes in the house.

A lot of it is due to my lessening eyesight. I am busy rearranging furniture for clear paths through the house.

But I am also adding color in unexpected spots. I have discovered the fun of “sponge painting”. It is nothing more than adding blobs of color to a surface with a sea sponge.  I just did this…..

The living room was the first to be rearranged. Everything in there was moved to somewhere else. Which gives me a straight walk into the dining room..where everything was moved so I have a straight shot to the kitchen. Can’t move stuff in the kitchen but it was already laid out quite well.

I also have a straight shot into the bedroom and bath from the dining room……

The one thing I didn’t realize when I was moving everything is now the floor creaks and groans in three places when we step on it…………

So I guess I am now going to put in new floors before I do anything else.

Which means…once again furniture will be moved.

4 thoughts on “I just realized…………

  1. All this moving around stuff will keep you in shape LOL

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  2. It truly never ends, does it!

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  3. Lol, a women’s work is never done ✅

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