life without television…..

It’s been three weeks now since the television has been silenced. I’ve noticed a number of rather odd things have occurred as a result.

  1. George now eats dinner at the table with me.  It’s been at least 25 years since that has happened.
  2. I read more blogs now.
  3. I read more books now.
  4. I paint more furniture lighter and brighter colors than before.
  5. I sleep eight hours a night (when I sleep).
  6. I laugh more now.
  7. The letters I send to our elected officials are fewer but more erudite and demanding of change.
  8. I volunteer even more than I usually do.
  9. I sew more..I have three quilts in different stages of development and a couple of blouses ready to sew together.
  10. George and I watch more movies together. Hard to watch two dvd’s at a time on one telly.

One the negative side though I have also noticed that when I hear the idiot-in-chief’s voice on the radio I cuss a whole lot more. My dreams have become more of an Apocalyptic-challenge-in-living-and-avoiding-zombies than just random things.  I am playing more online games and chatting more to other gamers online. I write less blog posts…….

I’m pretty sure I will easily fall back into eating alone, writing more letters and blog posts, and sewing less when the telly is once more reconnected…but I am not willing to give up the other “good stuff”.

I am though, extremely ready to stop dreaming about zombies!

10 thoughts on “life without television…..

  1. Hi Suze, thanks for the follow. Thought I’d drop by.
    We haven’t had a TV for eleven years and don’t miss it. We do miss having a screen to watch our DVDs on, but since the laptop with the CD drive in it died, we haven’t been doing much of that, though Hubby has been watching the old B&Ws on Youtube. I listen and recognise voices.
    I blog a lot, walk the dog, do a lot of suduko, read a bit, have the occasional card making session, and now bake cake once a week. Such is the life of an under training wrinkly.

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    1. I absolutely LOVE the “under training wrinkly”…and will probably steal it from you!

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      1. Feel free! Four years to go until I ‘pass’ (unless the goalposts are moved again)

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  2. I honestly can’t imagine life without a TV. Kinda sad, huh?

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    1. considering the first 12 years of my life were without one, it is sad indeed. I never missed it. Then for six years when my kids were young we didn’t have one, and amazingly I never missed it. Now? good grief!

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    2. Me either, yet I agree that I would probably be even more productive!

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  3. I haven’t watched tv in decades, after growing up addicted: although we were poor, there were tvs in my mother’s bedroom, bathroom (!), kitchen, living room, basement, and eventually more here and there. It sounds like your shift away from it was very positive. When we visit someone over holidays and they have loud tv on, I find it very intrusive and distracting. Paperbacks are much more private and fun and I read a few a week, and that wouldn’t be possible if I were addicted to tv. Radio doesn’t happen in this house either, and I’m losing interest in the internet–oh well. I’ll have to try real life for a change!

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  4. We haven’t had cable/satellite/regular TV in 18 years. I can watch Netflix or Amazon Prime videos when the mood strikes. That’s about it. When I go to a friend or family member’s house that DOES have regular television, I feel overwhelmed by all the advertisements. I can’t justify spending money to be advertised to every 10 minutes. Shouldn’t the advertisements pay for the programming? But then, I have to pay HOW much to WATCH almost as many minutes worth of advertisements as I do the programs??? I don’t think so!!! I’d rather pay for Netflix. 😉

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  5. 🧟‍♂️ 🧟‍♀️

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  6. My wife and I haven’t had television for six years now and neither one of us miss it. Now, I have to admit, when we visited her sister, (She has since moved away.) the nephew and niece would always have the tv on in the living room, and I would watch the damn thing. I was always amazed by the commercials. But then when we left for home, I instantly forgot whatever I had seen.

    We have vowed to never have a tv again. Whatever news we need, we can get online as well as movies, so who needs it? And we often find ourselves, my wife and I, reading our books in a quiet room in the evenings.

    Congratulations on kicking the boob-tube habit. 🙂

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