Sam and telling lies…………

I was blessed by a visit from Sam today.  I don’t usually get to see him on the weekends now as he spends almost every weekend with his dad.  But today, Sam was home………..and raring to tell me all about his week.

I was busily fixing the screen door on our front porch when Sam spotted me outside.  He ran over yelling “Gramma Suze! Gramma Suze! Guess What???”

I quickly set aside my screwdriver and prepared for the ballistic hug I always receive…i have learned it is ALWAYS a good idea to be sitting and stable when Sam first comes over. I have ended up on the floor a few times due to six-year-old enthusiasm.  After being half choked, Sam leaned back far enough to look me square in the eyes and say “Gramma Suze, How come some teachers are fun and some teachers are big fat meanies?”

I looked at him and said “do you have a teacher who is mean, Sam?”

He shook his head and said “nopers. But Ralph has a mean teacher”.

I said, “But, Sam, I thought Ralph was in your class”. Sam looked at me and said “You need to keep up, Gramma Suze. Ralph got translated. And his teacher is a big fat meanie”.

I said “do you mean transferred?”  Sam said “I guess so, and Ralph’s teacher is a big fat meanie”

I said “Sam, honey. It really isn’t nice to call the teacher a fat meanie. If she ever heard you she would be very hurt. Maybe she just had a bad day”.

Sam frowned, and seemed to really think about that for a minute and said “So I should just lie then?”

I said that lying is never a good idea…and maybe he could just try to find something good about Ralph’s teacher.

Sam looked me dead in the eye and said “Gramma Suze. Some people are just mean and thinkin they aren’t isn’t gonna to change anything’.

I told him he was absolutely correct.  Sam then looked at me and said “I am?”  I said “yes you are. Some people are just mean”.

Sam grinned then said “Good! Can you tell my teacher that cause she wants me to say I am sorry for calling that mean teacher a big fat meanie and I am not sorry so that would be a lie and I am not supposed to lie”.

Sam happily left with the assurance that I would indeed go speak to his teacher…now I have zero clue what I am going to say, but I figure I’ll think of something. Even if it is just to ask her how Gary the Guinea pig and her babies are doing.

5 thoughts on “Sam and telling lies…………

  1. Oh dear, you may be in a pickle! 😉

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  2. Kids tend to put you on thee spot………………..

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  3. From the mouths of babes…he is adorable!

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