Why don’t they tell?????

Fandango’s FOWC is violation.  How appropriate a word for what is happening in this country right now. It isn’t “new”, it is just far more blatant than ever before.

Our Congress is quite happily violating a woman..one who finally found the courage to come forward.  And the Republicans are mightily shouting why didn’t she report? Why didn’t she tell when it happened? It was 35 years ago so it doesn’t count! Boys will be boys! Who doesn’t know of some high school boys who did the same thing?

Two more women have found the courage to come out and speak their truths. And again, the far right wing is having fun shouting about “deep state”, “Democrat conspiracy” and “why didn’t they report?”.

Those that read my blather know I have spoken about being sexually assaulted in my youth. I was 11.  I was raped by a clergy member. I was 15. I was sexually harassed by employers. I was 20.

They know that the first time I reported the incident to my parents…and nothing happened. I was called a liar. I was punished for not “being a good girl”. I was blamed for doing “something to encourage him”.

The first harassment at work I reported. I was fired for doing so.

I tried to laugh it off when a coworker did it to me later. I was 45 years old at the time. I never felt comfortable again in his presence, which was daily for five years….five years of attempting to ignore that I felt filthy whenever he was in the room.

After the rape I kept my mouth shut. I had learned my lesson.

It wasn’t until 40 years after the attacks that I even tried telling my truths again.  And I was asked, why didn’t you report? The answer should be damned obvious to anyone with a freaking brain in their head. IT DIDN’T DO A DAMNED BIT OF GOOD TO REPORT!

Why don’t women report? Just look at what is occurring right now in the halls of Congress and you will KNOW why we don’t. Men do not give a damn.  Not Republican ones anyway. Not conservative ones. Not the good “Christian” ones like Orin Hatch or Lindsey Graham…or DONALD TRUMP!

Their focus is on getting some conservative abuser onto the Supreme Court; it is on getting protections for LGBT thrown out; it is on having tax breaks for the rich, the EPA destroyed, Selective discrimination against anyone who disagrees with their idea of what “the Bible” says. Their focus is on preserving their power at the expense of the country. 

For weeks now, the Republicans have been screaming that an accuser is a liar or a political plant in an attempt to discredit her before she has a chance to testify.  Why, if she is a liar, did they NOT immediately demand an FBI background check?  Why do they refuse to have a COMPLETE background check on Judge Kavanaugh?  The answer is simple. It is to keep “women in their place”. It is so they can get their own way. And it is an excellent example of WHY WOMEN DO NOT REPORT.

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  1. Your anger is justified, Suze. Same happened to me in the military. I, the victim, would have been drummed out of the service if I had reported it. It haunted me for many years. It was part of my “drinking secret”. We are vulnerable because we are seen as weaker or abnormal. We are targets of predators and become victims when we keep their dirty, little secrets hidden. Bravo to the women who came forward against Kavanaugh and bravo to you and me for being survivors. Love ya.

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  2. Exactly. The abused is not believed, tainted, made to feel the guilty party. I heard it often when I was a foster carer. I am so sorry for your horrendous experiences.
    I worked in an office where a guy was touchy feely with the ladies (all ages, and I was 46), hugging them or stroking their shoulders. Some encouraged it and thought it was a laugh. I’d been there less than a month when he tried it with me. I said in no uncertain terms that I didn’t like it, I didn’t want it, and to keep his hands to himself as the only guy who touched me was my husband. He kept his distance, was always polite and remained jokey with everyone, but I never felt comfortable and cringed at my colleagues’ encouragement and acceptance.

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  3. I admit to being one who cried “Why didn’t she SAY something THEN?” Having a naive belief that because she wasn’t lying, ‘they’d’ HAVE to believe her. I had forgotten. I’ll be writing a blog post about this and I’ll share your link. People SHOULD read these essays on this mess. Because isn’t the blame game still going on?

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    1. it hasn’t stop being played in the 64 years I have been on this planet. I don’t know if it ever will be stopped. I can only keep crying out against the injustice and hope one soul hears it…and changes.


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