Not SYW but an open one instead……..

Melanie from   shared an “open” share your world from “an upturned soul”…NO, it isn’t the same as the regular one, but she did it so I feel almost a compulsion to do the same…So, instead of behaving myself I am indulging in the fun of answering them.  Plus, this way i don’t have to think of a post of my own.

What would you say was a normal status for you?

Q: Is there anything you’ve allowed yourself to do more of which has shifted your experience of yourself?  I have absolutely NO IDEA what is being asked here. I have come across some convoluted questions before and been able to immediately see how to answer…this one though has me flummoxed!

Q: Has aging actually been a bonus rather than a minus for you?  Aging has been a double edged sword. I imagine it is the same for everyone.  BUT, Overall it is far better now than it ever has been before. We are financially stable even if we are financially poor as churchmice. At leass we know exactly how much we will have every month. We have a paid for home, and few bills. Our health is actually better than we should have especially as I died once already and have no desire to meet it again in the immediate future.

Q: What does a powercut mean for you, metaphorically or otherwise? Is is possible for a powercut to be metaphorical?  It is for sure a physical occurrence.  the a/c has no power, nor the appliances..nor do we have light to see by.  Now I am sitting here wondering just how a reduction of electric is metaphorical???? It’s going to bother me all day.

Q: Have you ever thought/felt that you were broken (or had finally fractured after an extended period of too much stress) and that this was actually a good thing? Immediately before my first heart attack.  I did break…but thank goodness for good surgeons, I was repaired to go on for another day.

Q: What’s your favorite subject (or subjective perspective) and why? I don’t actually have one. I can expound upon almost every subject. It’s far easier to say what I have absolutely ZERO interest in….that is Sports.  Any of them. I couldn’t begin to care less about the subject.

Q: What have you recently watched and do you know why you watched it? Did you learn anything from it? we speaking television or life here/ I watch people all the time and am never bored by it. For the telly, I can usually take it or leave it and am very discriminating in what I watch. The LAST thing I watched was “Wolf Hall”….a “mini series” about King Henry VIII and his various wives from the perspective of Cromwell. 

Q: What do you think I mean by a ‘social must’? Heck if I know.  Something we have to do socially? A way we have to behave? or interact? I do not believe there ARE any ways or things we absolutely have to do socially. I would think NOT doing things would be more of a must…like NOT slapping that idiot across the face, or NOT killing that jackass…..

Q: Have you ever forced yourself to read a must-read book? Which one and why? Only in school as required reading. Most of the “must read” books that I was forced into reading in school were absolute crap. Interview with the vampire  by Anne Rice and The world according to Garp by John Irving come to mind. The first was uninteresting, pedantic and vulgar.  The second was just stupid and vulgar.  Sex for the sake of sex is NOT my idea of good reading.  Moby Dick by Herman Melville, any book ever written by Upton Sinclair, the Crystal Cave by Mary Stewart were all wonderful books, yet one does not find them on the “must read” lists.

3 thoughts on “Not SYW but an open one instead……..

  1. Wonderful answers! 🙂 I’m a bit heartened to find out that others were as puzzled by some of these as I was…and for the power cut question? Go read Fandango’s answer. His gave a wee clue, although it’s still something literal and not metaphysical at all..

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  2. I thought a ‘powercut’ was a haircut that made you feel really strong and capable!

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    1. I Obviously watch too many Bollywood films. I knew immediately a powercut was when the electric goes for a period of time…lol

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