was a radical idea……..

I know for me it is a radical concept, but I took a break from politics, laundry, husband and pets on Friday. I had reached my boiling point one too many times and needed a break.  I took the day, and my best friend Angie, and drove to Osage Hills State Park.

Ang and I both love our camping/glamping adventures, but most of our enjoyment comes from knowing where exactly the tents get pitched, where  the kitchen is located and where do we place our shower/bath tent…

The month before we had driven out (Garry came along) and we chose a site…but with one of the guys there it was not easy for Ang and I to get a good idea of the layouts we need…so a second trip out to make my little blueprints and decide where everything is to go was absolutely necessary for us.

I also wanted to check out the various rest stops since we would be transporting the dogs as well. They are old guys and need frequent stops. So off we went.

Both of us had our trip notebooks and I had extra paper……..I also carried my cell phone as it has a camera. We wanted to take pictures of the site we would be in and the phone is far more reliable for pictures than my camera.

We headed north toward Pond Springs, then east towards Ponca City.  The Natives were just setting up for the Standing Bear Pow Wow in Ponca City so we got to see some of the brilliant tents and teepees being raised. Lots and Lots of gorgeous horses milling about.

One of these days I am actually going to stop for a Pow Wow and spend a great deal of time there absorbing all I can of this incredible culture. The Kaw, Osage, Otoe-Missouria, Pawnee, Ponca and Tonkawa tribes gather to celebrate their tribal heritage with contest dancing, singing, drumming, arts, crafts and horsemanship.

Eventually (well, two hours and 20 minutes after starting) we arrived at the park. We drove all around to see each tent or RV site and decided the one we had reserved was actually the very best one for our purposes.  I parked and we took a dozen pictures of the site; we drew out our semi-blue-prints of placement…we even checked out the park’s showers and bathrooms. (yes, I took pictures).

I’ve had people exclaim we spend far too much time “planning”..some say “obsessing” over the sites where we spend our annual vacations.  I think it is all completely necessary for our health and well-being.  I have cardiac issues as well as inevitable blindness due to cataracts. I only have about 1/2 the sight of my youth right now and it gets worse by the day. Ang has insulin dependent diabetes and arthritis….she needs to be able to access our equipment just as much as I do.

Our “camping notebooks” contain not just information about each park and each campsite we choose, but also has menus, shopping lists, inventories, local maps, medication lists, location of the nearest hospitals and whether they are private pay or take medicare/medicaid, and both my medical power of attorney and do not resuscitate order. There are copies of insurance cars, identification cards, and rabies and immunization sheets on the dogs.

After making our plans, we headed out towards home.  We stopped in Pawhuska for lunch and to go through the Osage Nation museum. I wonder how many people know that the Boy Scouts were first organized in Pawhuska, Oklahoma?

We ended the day with the drive home through the gorgeous countryside, avoiding interstates all the way.

I now have the energy to deal with whatever nonsense the government decides to throw at us….and the blessed certainty of going on vacation in just three weeks!




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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

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  2. Glad you are so well organised. We used to camp a lot, the most important issue being a shower bock and flush loos. I doubt very much if either of us could camp comfortably now. We might get into the tent OK, but getting up and out (or out and up) might be a different matter!

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    1. we have a “family” tent that is 8×10 feet with a seven foot ceiling..cots (no ground sleeping here) and a portable loo that goes into the shower tent. At over 60 we all need a bit of assistance with the ups and downs, but are completely unwilling to give up camping. an RV isn’t camping out, it is taking a house on wheels to a campsite. lol


      1. We thought about getting a camper van some time ago, but it wasn’t practical. Then we lived on the boat for 3 years and had the best of both worlds as our home was a caravan on the water. Campers are very popular here, both of our neighbours have one.

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  3. That kind of little day trip sounds fun, and besides finding the right camping spot, y’all got to stop and see some interesting sights along the way. It’s a good idea to have everything so organized, with all the necessaries taken care of, so you can relax and enjoy your time away when you go.

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  4. Good for you and Ang. I don’t allow as much brain space (it’s in short supply) to the country’s bull crap and my BP and gut are saying, “Atta boy”.

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  5. Planning is as much fun as the actual doing! You had a good day and you have a lovely time to look forward to!

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  6. We had a wonderful time doing all this planning, makes are trips so much more relaxing and fun when alot of the prework is done in advance, less brainwork to do when we actually get to do the camping!!!

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    1. nothing but relaxation and laughter to come!


  7. Oh wow hope you enjoy it! It sounds like so much fun!

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