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As always, the questions are a pretty color. My answers are not…in a pretty color.

What’s your go-to for unwinding after a stressful event or day?   Can be someone or something – music, pets, family or whatever you choose.

The plane you’re flying in is going to crash, no survivors.  If you had one song you could listen to before it happens, what would it be?  (credit to NewEpicAuthor for this one).  Please share the link to the song if you can.

What is one thing you’re really, really good at and not ashamed to admit it?  I worded that deliberately because aren’t we taught to be humble and not pushy about our achievements?  Celebrate your ability!

Would you rather lose all of your money and valuables or all of the pictures you have ever taken?

And lastly

What were you grateful for or something that made you smile during the past month?

De-stressing?? UMMMMMMMMM, I hang out on my front porch swing and read a good book. Sometimes I even read a bodice-ripper just for fun and so I can write a snarky letter to the author about why their work is prosaic, stupid, unimaginative or outlandish. I rarely stress.  I read a LOT.

Okay, I am pretty sure New Epic Author was thinking of someone other than me when asking this question. My plane (or any plane that is lucky enough to carry me around) is NOT going to crash. That is NOT how I leave this mortal veil. BUT, to answer the question?  There is NO song anywhere ever written, composed, thought up or imagined, hummed or sung that would distract me from a crashing plane…I would be busily tearing apart a seat to use as either a parachute or a flotation device. I will survive just to annoy Epic!

I am really really good at a LOT of things. Want a list?

Cooking, singing, sewing, making pickles and jams, reading (okay that is a given for all of us here)…Mathematics, being sarcastic, painting, home repairs and camping. Yes, I am a terrific camper…I take it to the absurd level of being damned close to glamorous. I can even cook a pizza or a cake over a campfire. I am absolutely amazing at taking objects and repurposing them for another use. By the way, screw humble. Humble never got anyone anywhere except the back of the bus or into the Colosseum….and I am NOT very good at facing down either gladiators nor Lions.

Since I have lost BOTH at one time or another I can state emphatically that neither one bothers me very much. THINGS can always be replaced. People and pets can not.

gratitude this week?  It’s October. I am grateful for that. one month until election day for the midterms and kicking the pansyeasses in congress OUT.

I don’t know if anyone noticed but I am on a roll today. Have no clue why but am enjoying it immensely.

4 thoughts on “SYW

  1. Wonderful perspectives as usual! Thanks for playing along…and that plane question has bothered a lot of folks for different reasons. I like the idea that ‘YOUR’ plane won’t crash. Maybe the next time I’ve absolutely GOT to fly somewhere, I’ll give you a call?! 😉 Hee hee.

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  2. Your survival will not annoy me as this question should never have been attributed to me in the first place. all of these pingbacks are annoying me, as I wrote my post in response to the Daily Inkling prompt Song to End All Songs.

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  3. yayyy your ona roll!go you! I love it! xox

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