I will admit it……………

I hate shopping.

I do not like shopping for clothing. Nothing is the size it says it is, or my body changes from minute to minute depending upon make and style.

I do not like shopping for food. What an utter waste of time.  You eat it, digest it, evacuate it… yep it all turns to shyte as my granny used to say.

supermarket cart

I hate shopping for presents..ya just never really know what to purchase to make your bratty and selfish siblings and grands “happy” for longer than five minutes.  And forget making them something. Then their reactions are all shocked or disgusted. 

BUT, I love shopping in hardware stores..and if they are mercantiles it is even better.

I love sorting through the tools, checking each handle for fit or heft. The “good stuff” is always at the back of the stores.  Searching each aisle for things I have absolutely no use for is my idea of heaven.

Plumbing aisles with odd shaped pipes, tiny bottles of purple goop with strange applicators for God only knows what use….this is FUN.

I adore sifting through bins of nails or screws searching for just the right type or size.

Electric aisles with wires on wooden cylinders that I can make small garden tables from…plugs, outlets, adapters………none needed yet fun to own.

Organizer boxes with bin after bin of useless stuff that once a year is absolutely necessary in order to fix some broken home appliance.

Glues of every kind…….bottles, tubes, sprays, buckets………..they are all available.


Paints of every type or style. AND the paint colors can be changed to whatever you bring in to match. (I once took an electric blue bra in to match a paint color and the employee never batted an eye!)

George (the hubby) hates shopping too…even at the hardware store….and is convinced I need mental help for my hardware enthusiasm. I just think of it as retail therapy.


8 thoughts on “I will admit it……………

  1. I hate clothes and shoes shopping, especially for me. Food shopping can also get tedious, and I had cause to contact the supermarket because their lovely strong cheese now tasted and felt like soap. Seems they’ve changed their supplier, and I’ve changed my cheese!
    Hubby is the hardware shop guy though. Aladdin has nothing on him. 🙂

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  2. I feel the same way. I hate shopping, but I feel like a kid in a candy store when I walk into a hardware store.

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  3. What I like at the hardware store always leans to what I could use in crafting or storage 😊

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  4. Dangit, Suze. I love shopping, just hate spending the money. Grocery shopping is my favorite because I love to cook, and I know food is a necessity. I don’t feel guilty about buying food. Buying new clothes is a guaranteed bummer because when I get the clothes home and try them on, I think “Damn, that shirt looked a lot better at the store. So I clothes shop at thrift stores. If I don’t like what I buy, I donate it to another thrift store.

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    1. well now, thrift store do not actually qualify as “shopping”..it is an historic journey into the lives of humanity.

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      1. Very true. Is it akin to paleontology??

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      2. yes it is! It is sometimes known as GoodWillHunting! rofl

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      3. That’s pretty good Suze. LOL

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