continuing story of Sam and the teacher……..

So, I finally got up the nerve to go and speak with Sam’s teacher about his contretemps over “the big fat meanie” of a teacher…

For those that missed it, the story starts here…XXX

yes, “X marks the spot. Sam and I have been discussing pirates lately (buried treasure????)

Tuesday was a “teacher work day” so I made an appointment to speak with …we shall call her Ms. James (protecting the innocent and all that) to discuss Sam’s inability to lie and say he was sorry for calling his friend’s teacher a “big fat meanie”.

Ms. James: “It’s so nice to meet Sam’s grandmother. Have a seat.”

Me: “in all honesty, I am not Sam’s grandmother. I live next door and he “adopted” me as a grandmother. Nice to meet you too.”

Ms. James: “so how can I help you?”

Me: “actually, I am here to plead Sam’s case for his refusal to apologize to another teacher.”

Ms. James:  “Oh, the big fat meanie remark….Sam needs to learn to apologize when he is wrong and I told him”

Me: (interrupting) “But Sam wasn’t wrong.”

Ms. James: “I BEG YOUR PARDON???? Sam called an adult a derogatory name, That was”

Me: “absolutely correct.  If Sam had been an adult and used adult terms no one would have had any issue with his statement. From what I understand, Ms. X IS a person incapable of seeing a child’s viewpoint.  She has a history of speaking rudely to her charges; she tells them to “shut up and sit down”, that “children should be seen and not heard” then rails at them for not answering a question. To my mind she absolutely IS a big fat meanie. Sam used a six year old’s terminology to describe a bitch. I think he was absolutely generous in his description. To force him to say he is sorry for speaking the truth is inappropriate. To his mind, if he says he is sorry, he will be lying. Sam does not lie”

Ms. James simply stared at me for a few minutes. I could tell she was angry but at least she was thinking about what I had said.

Ms. James: “I am ashamed to admit you are right.”

Me: “I had the same reaction when speaking with Sam. My first instinct was to make him say he was sorry.  I would have been wrong to do so. Now, how is Gary?” (Gary the Guinea Pig)

Ms. James smiled and said “we sent Gary home with another student. Now we have Edwina.”

Me: “you took a chance on another girl?”

Ms. James: “oh we don’t know what the sex is. I am just hoping Edwina turns out to be Edward in a month or so”.

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