random thoughts

Staying awake until 2 a.m. was so easy when I was a teenager. I wonder why watching a Dr Who marathon until 2 a.m. is so hard now?

I wonder why the dogs know it is lunchtime when they can’t tell time?

Why do they think whatever I am eating is so much better than what they are eating when it is the same thing?

Why are there so many stupid laws?

I think we should be allowed to commit one major crime just once in our lives with absolutely no negative consequences…after all Supreme Court nominees get to. I’d pick assassination.  It would be for the greater good of course.

Why is Dr. Pepper so much nastier than Diet Dr. Pepper?

Do moths really eat wool or is that just a fable? Cause there is a giant gypsy moth hanging on my curtains.

Do my second amendment rights trump your first amendment rights? or do I have that backwards?

If Dr Who popped up and said let’s go, could I get him to take me back to where trump’s granddad came off that blasted boat and send him back? Would that make Pence the president now?



5 thoughts on “random thoughts

  1. Some interesting thoughts here!

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    1. this is what happens when a senior semi-adult-person stays up all night watching Dr Who for seven hours straight.

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      1. Glad we haven’t got TV!

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  2. I share some of your thoughts. Great minds, I guess

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    1. either great minds or shared insanity sweetie…

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