I’ve made my calls……..

I’ve phoned my senators until their staff all know my voice and say “good morning Mrs. H, what can we do for you now?”…I’ve written letters to the editor, to the senate (yes, ALL of them), I’ve sat in offices waiting to speak to the idiot that was elected…..I’ve been escorted out of those very same offices by police officers ashamed to be doing their job……..I’ve sent blog post after blog post, made call after call, registered people to vote, walked door to door stating the case for voting until I am blue….

So what is left?

What else can we do when all those people we’ve elected refuse to do the right thing?  When they make “talking points” but then hide behind their “party affiliation” to do whatever the hell they want?

I’m just one person……….how can I possibly change the outcome?

It is so easy to become depressed over the way the government is headed, no longer of the people or even FOR the people…but seemingly just for the enrichment of the vainglorious elected.

It’s so easy to think nothing will change and JUST GIVE UP.

Mr. K. will be sworn into the highest court in the land, and will systematically go about destroying the gains we have made over the last fifty years.

Roe Vs. Wade will be overturned.

Mueller’s investigation will finish without being completed, and NO ONE else will receive an indictment.

The President will not be allowed to be indicted.

The EPA, dept of education, department of the interior, et al will continue to be whittled away till they are a toothless tiger.

Our parks will be sold off for the mineral rights, the timber, the hunting…….

Medicare and social security will be dissolved and a ‘tax credit” given so people can buy their own…nevermind the millions whose only source of income is SS or Disability. Tough beans for them. Mr. K. will find that it is “unconstitutional” for the government to “provide” a livelihood to seniors….nevermind that we seniors gave OUR EARNINGS to pay for it.

It will once again be illegal for same sex marriage.

It will once again be LEGAL to discriminate against those Non-Christian, Non-white, Non-MALES that dare to demand equality.


That’s not me though.

Like Don Quixote, I will keep tilting windmills in my drive to change the status quo. I will keep making those calls. I will keep going door to door with voter registration cards…I will keep offering rides to those with no means of going to the polls. I will keep invading those senators offices and keep being escorted none too gently out of them. I will keep hoping that I will connect with “just one person” who will help to make a difference.

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  1. I admire you!! I’m spent and exhausted! 😢

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  2. One cannot change the mindset of a few at the top, but one can make changes and continue to help change starting with ones hometown and spreading out from there… if you check history’s past, very few changes started at the top, but started with “We, the people”.. what one is seeing today is desperate actions by a segment of close minded society trying to prevent the inevitable… like the “drowning man grabbing at straws”… just keep on doing what you are doing, follow your heart, don’t give up… 🙂

    “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” -Mother Teresa

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  3. I will never give up on equality and justice for every human on earth….but I am very disillusioned by America. I too will keep on fighting, but don’t have the financial, emotional, or physical resources to wage a constant battle with “them”. It has become more of a personal dedication to what I know is right. Like Dr. Horty, I need to retreat behind the battle line for restoration.

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  4. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    I’m sharing this because here’s a list of the things Mr. K will be working hard to undo once he gets on SCOTUS … worth a read!!
    ‘Mr. K. will be sworn into the highest court in the land, and will systematically go about destroying the gains we have made over the last fifty years.’

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      1. Most welcome!! 🙏🏽


  5. In my opinion, what you’re accomplishing is immense. Keeping HOPE ALIVE is no small feat. Being THE CHANGE you seek isn’t either. I imagine you [and others] have already affected many lives, by changing their mindsets. Where they might not have cared before, they care now. CARING is a mighty step!

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    1. thank you Jen. I really really needed to hear your words today.

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  6. Keep fighting the fight Suze. I keep telling myself that the America I see isn’t really America but If good people like you give up then it just might be…

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    1. thanks Michael. It’s in my DNA to be argumentative and stubborn, especially when I perceive a wrong that needs righting. They’ll have to bury me with my protest posters…cause no one will ever get them out of my hands.

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  7. Dear Suze,

    Give yourself a great big pat in the back. All we can do is what we can do.

    I am ashamed as I’ve been away in MN for a month to where I haven’t been as active but I’ll be back in the political ball game asap. I’ve still called but many of the lawmakers I call are not answering their phones. If you are not a constituent of a particular state you can’t get an email through. I’ve resorted to tweeting.

    I’ve been thinking that 10/6/18 is just one chapter. My son tweeted me that this may be a blessing in disguise as this buys Dems time but it is crucial that peoples in record numbers get out to vote this November 2018.

    If the GOP Grumpy Old Perverts in the US Senate Judiciary Committee had selected a proper nominee, there would be little we could do to fix the Supreme Court tilting far right. But now there is hope. In their arrogance, the GOP senators backed the wrong horse because they believed their man is a good guy who was having his reputation ruined by those left leaning democrats who were out to destroy their friend.

    They never for an instance really believed Dr. Ford. Any women who has ever suffered any abuse could have told them that abusers often look great o the rest of the world.

    Eventually, there will be proof developed backing the allegations by Dr. Ford and others. Those GOP old geezers will be faced with reality that they backed the wrong horse but by then it will not be so easily to have him replaced.

    Impeachment may not be necessary. If there is solid proof, he may be forced to resign by his colleagues.

    Keep in mind, that this story is just beginning.

    Chin up!

    Hugs, Gronda

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