away for a bit recharging my batteries

In the final month countdown to the midterm elections I find myself needing a break…from television, from handing out voter registration packets, making calls, sending emails, etc etc etc…….

My soul craves the wilderness…peace and quiet………..companionship of friends and spouse………… over a fire.

George and I are going camping next week.  It will only be for four days but it is a much needed break for us.  Of course, Angie and Garry will be going too…after all that companionship thing is the most important part of any camping trip.

So, posts will not occur unless I get a wild hair in the next day or so and schedule a few posts……..and it is looking less and less likely as time goes by.

Hopefully, we won’t all freeze to death or get eaten by bears and I will return to the blog refreshed and raring to do battle with idiots and politicians once again.

Talk to you all later…..


7 thoughts on “away for a bit recharging my batteries

  1. Sounds great! Y’all have a good time, and see you when you get back. 🙂

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  2. Enjoy your trip (and hope you don’t get water and a cow for company!)

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    1. with my luck it will be snow and a brown bear or seven! lol


  3. ENJOY, you deserve a break today. Don’t let that buffalo get too cozy.

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