to laugh or not to laugh

originally posted on July 1, 2018

That seems to be the big question in my household.

I have four pets.  Two completely normal felines…well, except for their penchant to try and feed me mice and dead birds.  And two absolutely insane dogs.

It’s the dogs that cause us to either tear our hair in total frustration or laugh our respective nether regions off….

One complains.  He’s a 15 year old miniature Pinscher named Dasher.  His normal daily activity is to either eat or sleep..but rest assured that whichever one he is doing he is also complaining about life’s injustices at the top of his lungs. He actually has a very good life..he just doesn’t see it that way.  it is non-stop whinging from the time he wakes up until he once again awakens a day later. 24 hours a day of canine complaining tends to wear on a human’s last nerve.

Then there is the kid.  A 5 year old Rat Terrier named Gunnar.

Gunnar doesn’t seem to know he is a dog.  he answers phones, he tries to make phone calls..he mucks about with my computer.  He has managed to call my best buddy Angie on skype before.

I typically come back into the computer room after a short break and find something like this.

Now, please note the very top of the google page. How many tabs do you see?

This time Gunnar just decided to keep opening tabs. I have come back to open skype phone calls, games in the process of being played, a few websites open and an order to a pizza place………okay, so the pizza order was an extreme exaggeration. You get he idea though.

Gunnar has his own keyboard that I keep on the floor next to the computer…in a vain attempt to get him to leave mine alone.

With a computer hacking dog, two cats constantly feeding me (or attempting to feed) mice or dead birds and a whinging complaining fool of a dog, can you SEE why I go cause problems with our government? Do you SEE why I protest so very much?

Yea, it is an insane attempt to control SOMETHING in my life!

13 thoughts on “to laugh or not to laugh

  1. Excuses, excuses. Suze, laugh and the world laughs with you. Whine and everybody calls you a dingbat. It’s your choice.

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    1. I laugh until I cry nearly daily………Dasher is whinging on and on about his breakfast (I assume)..probably that there wasn’t enough. sigh

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  2. Angela Camden July 1, 2018 — 7:43 pm

    umm, feel better, sad part is, I receive those skype calls from the little man and then I get in trouble too for laughing about it!!!

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    1. I had George watch him almost all night to see if he tried to contact anyone by skype..but, the lil brat must have known he was being watched. He slept peacefully! lol


  3. Haha! You and your animals are hilarious! But, Suze, it’s better to have 200 tabs opened on your browser than to live in constant fear of being waylaid and eaten. That’s what our Punkin Puss is out to do.

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    1. Oh MY! Yes, you are absolutely correct! (((EATEN????))) lol


  4. Our Topshe dog is more cunning. She leads us into the jaws of Rottweilers every morning.

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  5. My cat loves to tap my computer screen and watch the picture change. Needless to say, I’d get a lot more work done without his help. 🙂

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  6. The screen shot of the tabs open is hilarious!

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    1. that one wasn’t as bad as some I have come upon. He once had skype, opera, google chrome and firefox all open..he has also figured out how to open up facebook. I am doomed!

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  7. Do you know “Fluke” by James Herbert by any chance? 😁 There seems to be a previous human in your dog 😉

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