that moment when you just know

your “fun” vacation just turned into complete dreck and there is not a damned thing you can do about it……..yea, we had one of those.

I had an almost meltdown over an indoor extension cord being used by my buddy Angie’s husband to supply power to a small space heater.  Now, we all use space heaters when we camp in late autumn or winter…no biggie.

BUT, this was a cord not at all rated for outside use, connected to a higher rated cord. There is the tiny matter of a possible fire when connecting two cords rated different amps. One simply does NOT connect a 16 gauge, 10 amp cord to a 12 gauge, 15 amp cord. The lighter weight cord will inevitably overheat and the possibility of a fire becomes a probability instead.

I had brought four extension cords on the trip, and offered two for their use.  I thought G. had used the two I provided.  He used an old extension cord that was in his vehicle.  During the night the power supply cut off.  There we were, middle of the night, pitch black, raining and we were checking the electric. Safe right?

I found the reset for the power box, hit it, listened for the hummmmmmmmm, and went back to bed.

In the morning, I double checked the power station……and discovered that one cord was half melted at the connector prongs.

I pulled it, and it was hot enough to burn a small place on my fingers.  That made me mad.  What made me blow was when Angie’s usually sweet husband said I didn’t know what I was talking about, and the cord wasn’t hot. He grabbed it out of my hands and placed it next to his face to “prove” I was wrong…while I am standing there treating a burn on my fingers. That did it. I grabbed the cord back, threw it to the other side of the truck, grabbed the good extension cord, connected it and said “I don’t want Angie to burn up in a fire”.

He then yelled at Angie, and said he wasn’t staying to be bullied. HUH?

I admit it, right here and now for everyone…I do NOT understand the way he thinks. It’s difficult enough knowing how my own husband thinks, but I am at a complete loss as to other men.The end result of all the brouhaha, was G left in their vehicle and said he was going home. HE LEFT HIS WIFE BEHIND.

What kind of person just leaves their spouse 120 miles away from home?  That hurt Angie’s feelings beyond belief….and her being hurt made me angrier than I had been before…dominoes falling George became angry.

Garry did eventually return to the campsite, refusing to speak to anyone at all except the drunk old man camping next to us. The rest of the trip was pretending everything was “fine” or simply trying to ignore the elephant in the campfire.

Next vacation? We either go alone, or just take Angie with us and leave G. at home.


13 thoughts on “that moment when you just know

  1. Oh man! That would have been sooo uncomfortable when he deigned to come back. Looks like the power cord had more of a melt down than you–lucky nothing set on fire!

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    1. my husband was so angry at him. to put his wife through that kind of worry was just unconscionable.

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      1. What a strange man to behave that way!

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  2. Must be going through menopause….yeah, men have it too. Next time invite me. I’m easy

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  3. sheesh! glad nothing happened! So dangerous leaving that cord plugged in! Good thing you noticed it!

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  4. Oh shit. I had a holiday like that with ex partner, his two kids, his Mum and Step father and their two dogs, and his aunt and uncle, all of us in an 8 berth caravan. Nightmare. The kids played up, playing nanny against me, ex partner wanted to do nothing but drink, aunt and uncle kept doging out of shopping and the cooking rota, step father was an absolute vision (not) in the early hours, stark naked going into the bathroom. I slept in the car and wish I’d stayed home with the dog.

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    1. OMG! That is so much more horrid than what I went through!

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      1. It didn’t help that the kids beds were the lounge sofas, so until we all retired, they didn’t get put to bed. I got sick of hearing ‘Oh leave them be, they’re on holiday.’ Gggrrrrr!!!!!!

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  5. So sorry your nice vacation for so messed up, Suze. But don’t worry, it’ll probably blow over in a few weeks or months. He must have just been in a bad mood and then didn’t want to admit being in the wrong.

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    1. he never admits to being wrong. everyone else on the planet is just causing problems to annoy him. This male menopause thing better go away or she is liable to bash him one with a skillet!

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      1. That may just cure it!

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  6. Sorry your vacation was a nightmare, sorrier your friendship with G may have suffered. I know Angie will get over it eventually, us wives always do. 😉

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