following along behind the crowd…..

Barbara over at teleportingweena answered these, then sparky (melanie) at sparks from a combustible Mind did them…I forget who all they stole these from, but I am so highly medicated on pain killers for a muscle tear of the shoulder that I can not concentrate on a post of my own so I stole them. OMG, that was a horrible run-on sentence. Okay, trying to keep a focus on something….here are the questions. I hope I manage to add some answers.

  1. Dogs/cats/both/other?  I love dogs. cats seem to tolerate me. I have both, am owned by two and own the other two. It’s a mess really. I’d much rather just have two total creatures living here with me and George, but they keep multiplying and I haven’t figured out how to stop it yet.

  2. Favorite holiday? Why? I have decided this means vacation instead of holiday…so it would be the first trip to Israel. Incredible journey for me. check out the post.
  3. A fun or funny word you like to use. plexiotomy, a word I made up to denote a special surgical procedure installing plexiglass into the abdomen whereby someone may see where they are going while having their head up there ass.
  4. Writing in pen or pencil, or would you rather type? I’d rather just lounge around on a ‘fainting sofa”, eating chocolates and drinking some dr pepper while a manly secretary (preferably Scottish and looking like Sean Connery) writes down every word I say.

  5. Tell about a strange/weird experience you’ve had. nope. I don’t want to. but thanks for trying to get me to. Shows initiative. 
  6. Do you do any crafts? yes. I quilt, paint stuff, refurbish furniture, sew……..and I love glitter glue.

  7. What tip would you give to new bloggers? don’t plagiarize. 

  8. What special talent do you have? Being totally obnoxious while maintaining my innate southern gentility
  9. Fabric ribbons or plastic bows on gifts, which do you like better? I’d much rather someone do something for me than wrap up a purchase and pretend they really are happy giving it to me. Want to give me something meaningful? Try washing out my bathtub for me? Do a load or ten of laundry. cook a meal so i don’t have to. Vacuum my floors, or fog for bugs. It’s too difficult for me to do any of the above now even though I do them every blasted day. Screw ribbons.

  10. Favorite school subject.  .Comparative Religions

  11. Just for fun question… Who ya gonna call? Probably Pizza Hut.

3 thoughts on “following along behind the crowd…..

  1. love your answer to the last one!

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  2. Hey, cool! Thanks for playing along! Fun answers to the questions.
    I like your word – plexiotomy…what an image that would be! haha 🙂
    Good call …Pizza Hut! Yes!

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  3. Your poor shoulder–hope you feel better soon. As for me, can I have Benedict Cumberbatch as my manly secretary. Please?

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