just the facts ma’am….

Oh golly, I am suddenly channeling Jack Webb! For those who do not know, he was a character on an old 1960’s television show about law enforcement…..he annoyingly said each and every episode “just the facts, Ma’am”.

Things have been stated on the news lately that I just want to clarify.  The statements by the President and certain members of the Senate and House are ALL wrong, and people need to know they are wrong. (I figure my grand daughter doesn’t know so this is a public service for her and her high school buddies).

  1. The President can NOT change the Constitution through an executive order.
  2. The ARMY can NOT be used as “police”. They may be sent to the southern border, but once there can do NOTHING about the immigrant situation.
  3. The President can not arbitrarily dissolve Medicare or Social Security through an executive order.
  4. The Republican Party does NOT want to protect those with pre-existing conditions. Mr. McConnell stated LAST WEEK, that if the senate and house stay Republican, the ACA will once again be up for discussion on how to repeal it and NOT REPLACE IT WITH ANYTHING AT ALL.
  5. The Republicans in the house have voted to repeal the ACA 70 times in the last two years. SEVENTY. Pay attention. If they are saying they want your healthcare protected they are LYING.
  6. yes, immigrants DID tear down a fence…it was located between Guatemala and Mexico.
  7. NO, Democrats did NOT vote against a Social Security COLA.  The cost of living increases are determined by a preset formula and never come up for a vote.


Hope these few facts help to settle down the uninformed and gullible.

5 thoughts on “just the facts ma’am….

  1. Thank you Suze. We appreciate your dedication to a free society. I will have an opportunity to early vote tomorrow and it will be a party-hearty “celebration”. We should note that the Republicans have nothing left to run on except lies.

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  2. There sure are a lot of the gullible, uniformed, and just plain unintelligent. Good luck reaching that demographic. I just hope it’s a much smaller segment than I fear.

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    1. unfortunately, there are hundreds of thousands of the truly stupid in this country.

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      1. Evidently. The entirety of the Trumpster Fire reign, from campaign til today, has been very eye opening…and not in a good way. I had no idea who I’ve been living near, working with, or even related to until this 2-3 years have elapsed. It’s time for all of them to crawl back into the holes from which they slithered, if you ask me.

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  3. A friend of mine just had their food stamps cut in half. This friend works 10-12 hour days, supports their widowed mother who is too old/frail to work, their spouse, and two young children. Their family was struggling and just needed a little help feeding their family. I’ve also seen healthcare benefits cut. This administration has acted like Robin Hood in reverse: Robbing from the poor, giving to the rich.

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