You’d think, now the election is virtually over, that the idiots in Washington would be a bit more reluctant to act so inappropriately….but such is not the case.

credit to radio NZ

We may not have had a “blue wave” but we certainly did regain control of the House, and that is the body that investigates maleficence in office,…it would follow (to rational people at any rate) that the idiot-in-chief would act more circumspect.

Instead he has fired the Attorney General and “appointed” someone to take his place.  Unfortunately, that is NOT how cabinet level jobs work.

So, we have a “fake’ acting attorney general to go along with the Fake President. Yippee.

We have a lying Cheeto-in-chief meeting with Putin (just call him the puppet-master); more than likely to get his new orders since he failed so spectacularly to follow the first ones of divide and conquer.

We find out where the Cheeto is going by reading Russian state newspapers or listening to Russian state radio……..forfend we should hear his plans from the White House!

It has all, quite frankly, worn me out.

Between the phone calls made, the emails sent, the door-to-door queries made, the bus service to polls driven….I am simply tired.

But the fight is not yet over.  It will not be over until we have regained our Democratic Republic.  It will not be over until we regain civility, truthfulness and ethics in Government.

So, until we have a resolution in Florida, Georgia, Arizona and California I am taking a break from the political struggle.  I will be focused upon touching up paint in the living room, clearing the shed of old or broken implements of torturing the hubby (otherwise known as rakes or shovels), making jams and jellies for Christmas presents to friends and neighbors, baking and creating new relishes for our Thanksgiving meal.

I might just read a book or seventy as well.

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