share your world, November 12, 2018 (except it is the 13th)

yes, I am late. I figure good ol Sparky (Melanie B Cee) will forgive me.  Due to the snow storm that attacked us yesterday, all things in Suziland are a day late and several dollars short.So, since I am having to deal with it, you have to as well. A special note to Cyranny up in Freezingland…..come get your snow. Oklahoma is just not used to it!

What’s the most ironic thing you’ve ever witnessed? 

they say a picture saves a thousand words……..

please note the sign on the van’s side……….


Let’s talk turkey.  Pro or con?   If pro, which part do you enjoy most?  Is it for Thanksgiving (American Style any way) only?

I’ve only tasted turkey ONCE that I would actually want more of…most turkeys are cooked far too long. Kudoes to my buddy Angie for cooking a GOOD one. Unless one has twenty people to feed, a turkey lasts for damned ever…I don’t see the point.


If you’d like, share one thing you wish you’d said to someone else, but now you’ll never have the chance.

I really don’t like…..most things that one “wished’ one had said come during an argument.  I don’t wish to extend them, nor do I ever wish to hurt a person’s feelings. Let’s leave it there, shall we?


What odd smell do you really enjoy? 

“smell”….do you mean odor (or odour for our English buddies). smell is something you do, odor is something you experience through the use of a nose. Now that we have that straight…….haven’t a clue actually.


Thankful November….share a story or time when someone did something really great for you.  Alternatively,  share your gratitude moments during this past week.

I’m grateful that my gas operated floor furnace works when the electric is off due to enormous snowstorms. Cyranny needs to extend her vacation to Oklahoma and take her Freezingland home again………



3 thoughts on “share your world, November 12, 2018 (except it is the 13th)

  1. These questions were a bit different today. Hard to know what to say, sometimes about them.
    So, y’all had a lot of snow? We got a few tiny flakes, but it sure was cold and windy. Our tree which was mostly still green has dropped almost all the leaves today.

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  2. we had, according to the news outlets 5 – 6 backyard says it was more like 400 inches in spots. It snowed in the lawns..and on sidewalks and front porch steps. thank God it forgot to snow on our streets as the temp is around 12 degrees. So, no ice on the streets. I seriously do not understand Oklahoma. If we were still in Texas or even Virginia the streets would be extremely hazardous. Here, the steps will fling you onto your rear end without a qualm, but driving is safe. Crazy.

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  3. Yep, those snow drifts can get huge sometimes! The streets are the first to get icy and slick around here when it snows. It’s warming up today, but they’ve been reminding businesses & people too, to turn off automatic sprinklers, as it gets in the roads & freezes! People should know this by now, you’d think. Stay warm up there! 🙂

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