update……..just an fyi

My adored hubby, George, is scheduled for cardiac surgery on Tuesday.

The doc ordered a personal defibrillator for him to wear prior to surgery and afterwards until a pacemaker may be implanted. I have to admit the idea of walking around with a machine capable of shocking the shyte of ya terrifies me, and I am not the one wearing it!

Right now, there is a 20% survival rate expected.

I will not be online next week for rather obvious reasons.

For those who believe in the power of prayers, may I ask for yours?  I need all the help I can get right now and in the immediate future.

I am doing what I normally do when faced with a problem…researching, making phone calls, speaking with experts…generally making a complete annoyance of myself towards everyone around me.

I am also quietly grieving………well, okay, sometimes not quite “quietly”…more like Loudly bewailing if I am totally honest….but am careful to keep a cheerful facade towards my hubby. He has enough to worry about without seeing my fears.

That’s it for now.




13 thoughts on “update……..just an fyi

  1. Prayers, candles and healing energy on the way to you!!! 🕯

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  2. Good thoughts for success and a quick recovery.

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  3. Suze, in the southeast sky, do you see that stream of energy coming out of Florida? That’s what hillbilly prayer looks like. Steady flow, ever-healing. You and George got it.

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  4. My thoughts are with you both.

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  5. I’m praying for you and George, dear Suze! I am sure he will be all right!

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  6. You’ve got our prayers, good vibes, and positive thoughts coming your way.

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  7. OH Suze … I am so very sorry!!! I am not religious, but I am keeping you and he in my heart and wish I could be there to offer hugs and encouragement. Meanwhile, I send you both a virtual hug 🤗 with hopes that he beats all the odds and everything works out okay. Yeah, I am a Pollyanna … sometimes you just have to believe that it will be okay. Hugs, my friend.

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  8. Sending all the thoughts, prayer, and positive energy that I possibly can. Hope to see you back here with good news.

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  9. Praying for a good outcome. May the procedure be successful and George returned to good health and comfort.

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