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Okay..I stole this. Yes I did…I did too! Where did I steal it? ummmm, I am pretty sure it was sparky over at sparksfromacombustiblemind but I could be wrong. I am probably wrong. Tell ya what..let me check. Just listen to the pretty music while I do, okay?


Yes! It was from sparky…but she stole it from

In any event, I thought since they were different and I wouldn’t have to think to much, I would do them too.

  1. What is the strangest/awkward name you have read in a book?  Otis B Driftwood (Groucho Marx character) I know I just cheated… was a movie but the only name I could think of that answered close to appropriately.
  2. What is the first thing that pops into your head when you read/hear “schweddy’s balls?” Say what? 
  3. If you could shrink or enlarge any animal to dog size so you could have it as a pet, what animal would it be? which dog breed? a big one or a mini one? I wouldn’t anyway but these questions do appear in my head before I could possibly answer it……..
  4. What is the worst thing someone could do to you at your funeral?  since I am not planning on having a funeral it really doesn’t matter. I figure just cremate the old broken body then go party at a place of your choice..
  5. You’re walking in a graveyard checking out the names on the headstones, and come across your name…what’s going through your head? “where’s the Doctor?”
  6. What is one book that makes you go fan girl/boy?  first…what is a “fan girl”? I am assuming it has nothing to do with I guess I should not say Cleopatra, huh?
  7. What is the oddest name/nickname you’ve ever been called? Soupi…for Sue P. still wasn’t my name and it irritated the crap out of me.
  8. Have you even been mistaken for being the opposite sex? exactly what are you implying by this?  NO. 
  9. How many chickens would it take to scare you?  chickens don’t scare me at all.
  10. If they started making blankets with spider silk, would you buy one?  NO
  11. If you could replace one body part with a younger version, what would you replace? my teeth
  12. You have the power to switch characters in a book…which two characters would you swap and why?  what kind of book? Is it a book I like? or can it be a comic book? I have no bloody idea……
  13. Have you ever relieved yourself in public (not in the woods/camping/hiking)?  Okay…I now have SERIOUS concerns about the mental stability of whomever asked these questions. NO. and if I had, I would still say NO.
  14. If there were no ethics, what experiment would you like to conduct? well, thank G-D there ARE ethics! See above answer….honey? are you off some much needed medication?
  15. Holiday books or holiday movies? neither..unless it is Miracle on 34th street or It’s a wonderful life. You can have all the rest.
  16. What is the creepiest thing you have ever heard someone say? I do not recall anyone ever saying anything I could call creepy. I just realized I have lived a very boring life………..sigh
  17. What holiday gift would you give the following characters: Hannibal Lecter, Jigsaw, Freddy, Jason, Michael Meyers, the Nun? oh dear……….who ARE these people? Wait! George just said Hannibal Lecter is in a movie………ummmmm, theater tickets? A couple of bowling passes at the local bowling ally?
  18. What is the scariest thing that has happened to you in December? I might have broken a fingernail?? or worried about passing an exam while in college? I have no idea!
  19. If your high school English teacher met you today, what would they say about your blogging? If any of my high school teachers met me today I would run screaming from the imminent zombie apocalypse. They are all dead.
  20. What blogger would you like to swap sites with for one day? Fandango…………

4 thoughts on “another 20 questions

  1. Strange questions, and of course I have to do them, too. I did enjoy reading your answers. 🙂
    So happy you got George home now. Wishing him a speedy recovery!

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  2. I’ve done these too……. some are shall we say……. different?.

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    1. yea..someone needs to seek treatment of some sort, for sure! roflmao

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