Sam asks about…Christmas

Sam, the intrepid six-year-old next door, came over yesterday to see if his “grampa George” was feeling better. While here he brought up the subject of Christmas.

Sam:  “Gramma Suze? Do you like Christmas?”

Me:  “yes I do Sam. Did you think I didn’t like Christmas?”

Sam: “I thought maybe you didn’t”

Me: “Why?”

Sam: “well, the Christmas lights on your house are………..”

Me: “are what honey?”

Sam: “well, they are on the house all the time. I thought maybe they were not Christmas lights”

Me: “well, they stay up cause Grampa George and I are too old to climb a ladder to get them down. So we just leave them up and light them whenever we want to all year long”

Sam: “yup.  then they aren’t Christmas lights anymore. They are Not-Christmas lights. Do YOU believe in Santa Claus, cause Sarah in my class says Santa Claus is a table”

Me: “TABLE?”

Sam: “yea. a table. Like a not real person just in a story”

Me: (giggling) “Oh, she means a FABLE. That’s a story told to teach people how to behave.”

Sam: “that doesn’t sound right. I’m pretty sure she meant a table, Gramma Suze … cause Santa is fat and you can put things on him and they stay there. Like a glass of milk can sit on his tummy when he sits down”

Me: “ummm, okay then. And yes, I think there is a Santa Claus. I’m pretty sure a little bit of him is in every single parent that loves their kids, and he comes out every year about this time.”

Sam: “oh, he’s like God then”

Me: “not exactly. More like….”

Sam: “yes he is. Cause God is a spirit like a ghost that is all stuffed inside Jesus who comes every year as a baby then dies as a grownup except he didn’t cause he came back after a couple of weeks to bring Easter eggs and candy…I think”

Me: “uh….Sam? Are you sure? I’ve never heard it put quite that way before.”

Sam: “pretty sure…or he is the guy that came in a space ship…one of the two”

Me: (totally bumfuzzled) “uh, Sam…”

Sam: “I gots to go now. We’re going to church to get a turkey and sing Christmas Barrels like Good King Winklepuss and something about German Shepards watching sheep all night”

Me: (still wondering about the German Shepard song) “see ya later Sam. Have fun”

7 thoughts on “Sam asks about…Christmas

  1. Oh the innocents 😂

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  2. Sweet and innocent. And then they grow up. You’re a good grandma.

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  3. I love a kid’s interpretation.

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    1. that easter bunny thing still has me laughing!

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  4. I think Sam needs his own blog. You can’t make this stuff up! too cute!

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    1. Sam will either end up as the president or a trash man…those are HIS choices at the moment. lol


      1. I love it! Either way he’ll be dealing with an unsavory element

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