daily three from a guy called bloke

Rory did it again……..and here are my answers.

Name Three …

Cold things?

Hot things?

Boy’s Names beginning with Z?

Countries beginning with the letter G?

Animals species that begin with the letter P?

Things that are square?

Holidays you have been on?

Words that rhyme with Pink?

Urban Legends?

Things that are pink?

Things to do with baseball?

Marvel Heroes?

Ice Cream Flavours?

Things that comes from the ocean beginning with the letter O?


My Answers:

ice cream, the North Pole, and Cruella DeVille

my hubby, chili peppers (I know they are called chili but they aren’t!) and Mark Harmon!!!

Zachary, Zaiden, Zahir

Germany, Greenland, Gambia (HA! got em!)

What’s with all the beginning with a letter questions? Have you run out of materiel? sheesh! Okay…Animals and P (didn’t I do this one already?) Platypus, Pika and Pygmy Hippopotamus!

a handkerchief, every accountant I have ever met, a sugar cube..except a sugar cube is only square on each side…but it counts cause I said so!

a mission trip to Guatemala, two trips to Israel, one to Egypt and a side run at Ukraine (only overnight but my gosh it was gorgeous in Kiev in winter!)  A summer in Mexico City…….and at least 400 camping trips with friends and/or family.

Sink, blink, stink

the Bunnyman ax murderer…a dude that wears an easter bunny suit while chopping up his victims…and I haven’t a clue about two more.

Pink things again? bubble gum, pepto bismal, roses

ummmmm, a baseball player, a bat and a ball

what heroes? Marvel? I haven’t the foggiest idea.

Rocky Road, French Vanilla and Steven Colbert’s Americone Dream.

Ocean fish???? Ocean water……………..and Ocean flotsam. that’s the best I’ve got. deal with it.


10 thoughts on “daily three from a guy called bloke

  1. Loved your post! Smiles

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  2. Another Mark Harmon fan………………. drool.

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    1. he has been gorgeous forever..just keeps getting better.


      1. Oh yeah…………………..

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      2. Oh yeah…………………..it’s the blue eyes that does it

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  3. I always have a reason for asking for things, And was it twice/ Not sure. Been an awkward day.

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    1. awwwwwwwwwwwww, it’s okay. my snark button was just stuck in the ON position.

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      1. I knew it was snarkwittery 🙂

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    Suze is at it again, why have one too, when you can have three?

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