my Christmas List

In a perfect world I would be given every single thing I want………

so I decided this year I would actually write a message to Santa. Now since the US Mail service sucks donkeys, there is no way I am mailing this sucker to Santa. He reads my blog (Hey, this is MY fantasy so HUSH!) He can find the list here!

I want the cheeto-in-chief indicted, charged and found guilty of all the crimes he has committed since beginning his run for the presidency to the day of his impeachment and beyond. No one is above the law!

Every child separated from their parents, caged and denied their human rights to be returned to their families immediately.

every DACA kid to be given a legal way to apply for the citizenship they have ALREADY EARNED!

Pence to be jailed right along with Trump ..just because Pence is a total twit.

And, just to round things out………

3 thoughts on “my Christmas List

  1. That’s a great list, Suze. I could add a few things but this is a respectable, family blog..😎


  2. I wish that all your wishes be granted 🙏

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  3. Love your list! I hope you have a pear tree ready 😊

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