I am a thief……..

okay..I am a thief.

I stole these questions from Sparky (Melanie) at sparksfromacombustiblemind who probably stole them from someone else..but I can’t remember who so go to her blog to find out. It might have been the sandman……..then again it might not have been the sandman.


1. What was the first single you bought? What format was it on?

2. Steptoe and Son or Til Death Us Do Part?

(And for my Stateside readers Sanford and Son or All in the Family?)

3. Have you ever been to a hot tub party?

4. You are given the chance to write an episode of a TV show of your choice, what show is it and why that show?

5. You are driving a bus. The bus starts off at London with 17 passengers and goes on to Northampton where 8 people get on and 5 get off. From Northampton the bus goes to Warwick. Five people get on and 7 get off. The bus then drives to Coventry where 13 people get off and 18 get on. The bus goes to Birmingham where 14 people get off and six get on. At Wolverhampton 18 get off and 19 get and the bus goes to Live https://wordpress.com/#!/read/following/rpool where it terminates.

What is the name of the driver?

My answers: 

  1. the very first single? It was “unforgettable” by Nat King Cole. It was a 45 rpm
  2. Can I choose the brit comedies please? I have barely a clue about those American shows …I do know “all in the family” and while i did see an episode or two, I hated all the characters.  I ADORE Til Death Do Us Part and Steptoe and son. I wouldn’t choose either though above the other. I’d go with “one Foot in the Grave” instead.
  3. No, I have never been to a hot tub party. I saw one in a movie once though…..it looked…well…rather disgusting
  4. I don’t WANT to write a television show..unless it is an episode of Doc Martin….I’d have someone smack Louisa a good one for being such an extremely annoying, self-centered, selfish TWIT.  Why? I like Doc Martin and I can not abide Louisa.
  5. driving a bus huh? the name of the driver? SUZE

6 thoughts on “I am a thief……..

  1. Louisa IS a bit smarmy. But I think she gets some leeway for putting up with Doc, who is admittedly pretty odd. And they said the character wasn’t autistic either, just strange. He reminds me of someone with Asperger’s Syndrome (and I no doubt fudged up the spelling of that)…

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    1. oh he has aspergers alright..it’s one of the things that makes him so funny.


    1. OMG! It is contagious! Is there a medication I can take?

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  2. I will go with One Foot in the Grave, I loved it. I went with Steptoe and Till Death Us Do Part because I knew there were American versions of them.

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  3. I would rather watch the BBC than ANY American station….at least I can relate to the intelligence of the shows. Here it is drivel and scatological comedy.


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