Middle ground

Last night I thought I would try to listen to a different point of view and see whether I could find some common ground…and I completely failed. To find common ground hat is.

I had listened to Rachel Maddow on MSNBC speak about the new recommendation to the courts by Mr. Mueller……..I then decided to listen to Lou Dobbs. My dad had always liked Mr. Dobbs so I figured he would be more of a middle of the road person.

Boy was I wrong.

For every left wing “snowflake” out there trying to find the middle ground….stay far, far away from Lou.

He ranted about Hillary and Obama…he praised the President to the skies and was vehement in his excoriation of all things Left.

He called the investigation into Russian interference a witch hunt, and absolutely ranted about the “pussies” in the House and Senate who have backed off the “wingnuts on the left”.

Honestly, I felt attacked by his ranting and I rarely take anything personally. But his wishes for “every one of those wingnuts and snowflakes to either move to siberia or cuba where (they) belong or the right will have to find their manhood and just get rid of them all to save this country”

I felt as if he was advocating the death of people who choose to believe something other than the Presidential/far right spiel.

I kept thinking this guy needed a reality check.

Then I heard about seven minutes of Laura Ingraham’s show……. all I can say is this woman lives in the 15th century.  She’d have to have some serious mental health counseling just to move into the 19th century.

I’ve decided the only people capable of attaining a middle ground in order to compromise and restore some sense of propriety are children. For as my buddy Sam next door tells his little sister “If you can’t say nice stuff, you better hush…or eat a sandwich”


5 thoughts on “Middle ground

  1. Totally agree with the last bit. The middle ground has been taken up by the huge egos of the politicians.

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  2. Suze, you are spot on. As a retired man without a lot of social commitments I have time to watch Nightly News, Aljazeera, Reuters, sometimes PBS and then an evening of Chris, Rachel, and Lawrence. That’s as diverse as I care to be. Lou and Laura are raving lunatics. I know who I am, what I stand for, and who stands with me.

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  3. Happens to me every time I decide to give the right wing nuts another hearing.

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  4. I cannot watch Fox News.
    I will not watch Fox News.

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    1. I had to try….it was not worth the effort.

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