fun 3, December 6

Rory, A guy called bloke and K9 doodlepip, does this name 3 challenge every day.

I have no clue how he manages to come up with so many posts.

I can barely keep up…..but I try.

So here we are with three more things to name……..


Things you can find in a garbage/rubbish/trash can beginning with the letter D?

Things that can be found floating on the wind?

Things in a river that are not fish?

Things found around the house beginning with the letter E?

Animals that don’t have the letter E in their name?

Bands/Groups that have three [3] in their name [not a song]?

Holidays/Vacations that only involve visiting ruins?

Things that can seriously ruin your day?

Roman Gods?

Animals that lay eggs? [Monotremes ]

Three letters in the alphabet that don’t sound the same as the other letters?

Gemstones that start with the letter T?

Cocktails that begin with the letter M?

Hobbies that are no longer as popular as they were twenty years ago?


  1. d trash…okay that was a joke.  Damp paper towels, disgusting casseroles created by the old lady down the street, dog treat box
  2. dandelion fluff, leaves, butterflies
  3. shoes, tin cans, car keys
  4. electrical outlets, entertainment center, electric coffeepot
  5. fish, birds, hippopotamus
  6. 3 dog night  and i have no clue of any others with a 3
  7.  I would assume any trip to the Middle east would involve ruins..but ONLY ruins? ya got me there. I took two trips to israel and visited ruins, one to Egypt where I did the same, and one to Mexico just to visit the pyramids..does that count?
  8. throwing out your back…non-stop projectile vomiting….babysitting a grandchild with the pox.
  9. Venus, Zeus and….ummmmmmmmm, VULCAN who probably knew Captain Kirk of the starship enterprise!
  10. Platypus and echidna, there are only two monotremes. not three.
  11. s x h
  12. tourmaline, turquoise, thomsonite
  13. I dont drink…how in heck am I supposed to answer this one without cheating?  here goes…. Muddy rivers: chocolate milk and vodka…… you didn’t: Rum, sangria, coconut milk, cheetos crushed of course) cherry kool-aid and crushed ice……turn on a dime (usually towards the bathroom): Cherry syrup, gin, Jack daniels and a crumbled donut.  and since I made these up they don’t have to start with the same letter!
  14.  polishing rocks and making jewelry from them, making pot holders, macrame

6 thoughts on “fun 3, December 6

  1. Hey Suze,

    Great answers, with the monotremes you are of course right, it was a ploy question, looking for two species of the echidna 🙂


  2. Reblogged this on A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip! and commented:
    Answers indeed, but to what question?

    Throwing out your back…non-stop projectile vomiting….babysitting a grandchild with the pox.


  3. Fun questions and you have good answers! I should try one of these.
    Happy Friday! 🙂

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