I couldn’t find three wise men, so I got ya this instead……….


Fandango gifted me a wonderful, incredible, marvelous gift this morning! He knows me extremely well, and I was frankly amazed that his gift shows that knowledge.

As Fandango put it, “And to one of the most politically aware, astute, and active anti-Republican bloggers I know, I gift this to Suze over at Suziland Too.”

Let me see if I can manage to give out gifts that are just as thoughtful…….if not quite so political!

To Jay and his lovely wife Crystal…..Jay is a history teacher that plays dress-up…..a colonial kitchen in which to create those Bob’s burgers more easily.

To Cheryl, That Bag Lady in the frozen west (can never remember if it is Colorado, Wyoming or Montana…they are all freezing in winter)

a little something I made just to help keep you warm at night.

and finally………… to Cyranny of the Cove……..the darling girl in love with all things in and of Denmark and a HUGE fan of French poetry badly mistranslated, I give the following. Enjoy!


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  1. Yeah, very cool gifts.

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