white elephant gifts are great!

Teresa has been giving out Christmas gifts to bloggers..some are funny, some are………..well, let’s just say extremely appropriate!

Mine was this:

See what I mean?  I gave out a few gifts yesterday and decided after receiving this absolutely FABULOUS mug, I need to give some more!

To Mel over at CrushedCaramel, who is having a truly difficult time saying goodbye to her beloved canary….or is it a GoldFinch?


To my buddy Barbara of TeleportingWeena, who lives in that HUGE State just south of me and doesn’t have any winter to speak of in that barren wasteland………………………..

google picture

and finally, to my sweet friend Gabby Greywhiskers and his alter-ego Larry of Quest:



13 thoughts on “white elephant gifts are great!

  1. Very nice gifts!

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  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will cherish the gift forever. I’m a huge Randy fan.

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    1. I just knew it was perfect for you when I heard it..I think it combines the very best wishes with a lovely Christmassy song!

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  3. Aaaaaw thank you!
    … that will help with the goodbye to my canary Goldfinch!
    I like to make a song and dance about everything!

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  4. Hello Dolly! and Randy…FANTASTIC DAY FOR ALL!

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  5. Hey Suze, well, well, well you got the small straw, l have just selected you for 321 Quote with the topic of Creative writing 🙂


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  6. So…it’s you that ordered the snow to come down here to our house! Yep, we’re supposed to get either 1 or 5 ” overnight. Just peachy…haha…Thanks for the ‘white’ gift! 🙂

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    1. you are so very welcome! lol

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    1. I am still searching for that mug online..I NEED one! lol


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