words, words, words!

Rory, at A Guy Called Bloke, asks about words becoming extinct…well he doesn’t say extinct, but that is what he is meandering towards…..and since I love words (the stranger the better) I knew a bunch of these. what I don’t know I have made up cause it is better than Google to just make up things….How many do YOU know????


Bindlestiff:  I am pretty sure it isn’t a rich person walking a flamingo…but a hobo or bum with a pack over the shoulder held by a stiff branch.

Trollope with a E is the author…without is a woman of little character

Nincompoop : total idiot…much like our President. ..only a nincompoop is smarter

Ignoramus: see nincompoop

Blatherskite: when the above example opens his mouth :Trump speaking……

Juggins: I have no clue, so I have decided it is code for a female humanoid with gigantic bosoms

Uxorious: Ya really ought to use NON-Latin words. I had Latin for seven years and still remember most of it..this means excessive fondness for one’s wife.

Lickspittle:  Think Rudy Giuliani and you will know what this means.

Boborygmous: the noise your intestines make when you are hungry

shill-shally (or shilly-shally in the US) means to waste time..fiddle faddle means you just said something really not worth my time to listen to.

Termagent: shrill woman: think Elizabeth Taylor in a Shakespeare play

Dipsomania: sleeping disorder

ululates: the sound made by emitting a long breath and a high pitched tone while moving the tongue rapidly in the mouth. Arab women are really REALLY good at it.

oenology: humm, greek. wait a sec, it’s been a LONG time…….study of…………….WINE!

Zany: crazy in a funny way…….think Zero Mostel

emolument:  taking stuff in exchange for a service provided…think Trump hotel and Saudi princes….GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Vamoose: run away    Ossified: Bone-like, hardened  Jube: moron   Welkin:  a shellfish maybe? One I am probably allergic to at that!

DEIPNOSOPHIST?? well it isn’t a Theosophist.  ZOUNDS!!! I have no clue! (that was an example..I do have a clue…)

GALLIMAUFRY…..it is NOT the planet of the Doctor, of that I can be sure.

XENODOCIAL:  xenos means stranger…doce means gifting or pleasantry..so using the amazing power of Suze’s brain I am guessing it means being nice to people…..am i close?

Rumpus: when I was a kid, we had a “rumpus room”. It was the only room in the house where we could play rough games or wrestle each other. I’m guessing it really means to fight, cause that is pretty much what happened every time we were left along longer than 5 minutes.

QUIDNUNC: (Rory, that is pure Latin..didn’t I warn you? ) circulator, gossip, gossiper, gossipmonger, newsmonger,
tale-teller, talebearer,telltale, yenta……

kickshaw..you just made that up to confuse us..it doesn’t mean anything, right/

curmudgeon: grumpy old man

Jerepigo…oh dear. no idea and can’t think of anything even slightly clever to say about it

Pettifogging: a person that is prone to argue over every single thing, no matter how small or unimportant. Oh dear…that could be me.

Tergiversate: Latin again? We need to find you a greek dictionary..I BARELY remember my greek classes. EQUIVOCATE :as Bill Clinton once said “What IS your definition of Sex?”

Yoicks:  Egads! Woot! Gosh! Golly! Damn! get the idea? in England though it is called out to encourage the hounds during a hunt

SESQUIPEDALIAN: a word having many syllables

hugger-mugger??? what? maybe a person who slips their hands into your pocket to rob you blind whilst hugging you?

Micturate:  Rory, I refuse to write scatalogical definitions hun. Bad Rory!

Jujube: my favorite jelly candies

Rapscallion:  rascal…ne’er-do-well

Quotidian: a fancy word for Ordinary

Antediluvian: I used this in a blog post somewhere…….somewhat like a slide rule, using one’s finger to count is antediluvian…….old fashioned, obsolete..much like my Obsolete Childhood!



4 thoughts on “words, words, words!

  1. Well Suze, l am extremely impressed, so much so that l am not going to tell you what is right and what is wrong? Smarty Pants imp Pimp has that pleasure apparently – excellently penned 🙂

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    1. great..so I have to google to find out which are incorrect? rats!

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      1. Or you can wait a while, the answers will appear soon enough 🙂

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  2. Reblogged this on A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip! and commented:
    Zounds alive, Suze has this well and truly in the bag!

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