i have an iphone

At least, I think that is what the blasted thing is called.

It has a web browser and can take pictures and is generally far more intelligent than I am.

I discovered, just today, that there is a calendar on the thing…and if you ask it to, it will remind you that you have appointments. WOW!

I put in all of George’s appointments for the next month…and they stayed there! They will let me know the day before that whatever he has to do or wherever he has to go is coming up.

I no longer have to carry this thing around and have a dozen pens in my purse (got to make sure that at least one of those pens will write!)_

I am (to use the grandkids vernacular) STOKED!

Only took me a few years to find this “app”……I am getting better at this computer stuff!

7 thoughts on “i have an iphone

  1. LOL Yay you!! 🙂

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  2. Yes, these phones have lot of uses that we aren’t aware of.

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  3. Welcome to the club, Suze. I loves me my iPhone!

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    1. i don’t love the phone yet as it is still far more intelligent than I and that annoys me………lol

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      1. That’s why it’s called a SMARTphone! 😱

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      2. ya know. That never even occurred to me. ;P

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