visiting yet another government office

This time with husband, George, in tow I made a trek to the social security office…now Social Security (for those with no clue) is….according to them “Social Security has provided financial protection for our nation’s people for over 80 years.  With retirement, disability, and survivors benefits, Social Security is one of the most successful anti-poverty programs in our nation’s history.”

Yea, sure they are. I know my tiny $417.00 a month is a hedge against poverty….


At any rate, last month I went online to the SSA and applied for retirement for George……..he was in the hospital and I had his person..heck I still have his power of attorney for all things financial……and we have been waiting for over three weeks now for a response. I check every day online and it always reads the same way “your application is in process”.

“We are passionate about supporting our customers by delivering financial support, providing superior customer service, and ensuring the safety and security of your information — helping you secure today and tomorrow.”

Well, that is not really reassuring when ya know all income (minus my HUGE $417.00/month) is soon to expire……

We arrived and actually got to see a human within 5 minutes….I (of course I did) went to a window and looked up to see if the sky was falling.  It wasn’t and I returned to my seat just as the young lady asked George “you were in the army how many times?” George replied “three”. She then said “well that checks out. Okay it should get processed now”.

I asked why it had been stuck in “processing” and if her processing really would make anything happen.

She replied “the new Administration has cut jobs and there is no one monitoring the website applications”. When I picked up my jaw off the floor I said “so what would have happened if we hadn’t come in today?”

Her answer? “absolutely nothing”…and she MEANT exactly that.  The application would have sat in outer space or the inter-web until Kingdom (or a new Administration) Comes.

This young woman, with a huge framed picture of the cheeto behind her said “I really wish someone would take charge in Washington. That idiot is gonna screw us all before too long.”

I had to scrape my jaw off the floor for the second time. As George and I got up to leave she said “you should find out how much your monthly check will be by the end of this week” and gave a bright smile.

I think she is far too intelligent and caring to work for the government.






6 thoughts on “visiting yet another government office

  1. Sounds like you had fun… At least she was honest with you.

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  2. Is it wrong to pray for trump’s demise? After all, his butt-sucking evangelical, idiotic supporters claim he is sent by God to save America. When does he plan to start? George is so lucky to have you with him.😉

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    1. It may be wrong, but I’ve been hoping for it for over a year now.

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  3. As someone who works in local government, I can definitely say that we need more smart, caring people like this one!!!

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  4. That is truly horrifying (the on-line part) and heart warming (the human part)

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  5. My jaw hit the floor too when I read this! Ridiculous!!! Obscene!!! And frankly, it isn’t even the government’s money to begin with, it’s ours that we’ve paid all our lives! The new administration cut staff so nothing gets done unless you go there in person. Then why the Sam Heck don’t they just take the bloomin’ website down??? How many people in need are sitting home waiting, checking every day, without a clue that they are wasting their time? Arrrrrrggggghhhhhh!!!!

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