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It’s funny..not funny “ha ha ha” but funny strange……..just a few months ago I wondered what to do to fill each day. I’d get the basic chores done in an hour or two, blog or play online games,…I read voraciously….yet there always seemed to be hours left empty.

I’d wander through the house wondering what I could do…

I spent hours working on quilts, or floral crafts, making jams or comfits……..I’d sew and mend…………and still have HOURS left.

Now, as I look at post-hubby-surgical life there simply aren’t enough hours in a day to finish the things I need to do.

There is three times a week rehab…….that’s two hours used up…..there are multiple doctor’s appointments………80 miles one way (2 hours) then waiting for the doc to see him (one hour) then the actual appt (one hour) then the drive back home (another 2 hours) and the day is gone.

Dinner must be cooked, eaten and dishes washed up t be put away, only to start the whole thing over the next day.

The house must be kept spotlessly clean (post chest surgery..infections are bad) so there’s cleaning to do…when I am not transporting George somewhere.

V. A. Appointments to be kept, dealing with the insurance morons who said “was this an elective surgery? We don’t pay for elective surgery.” and me responding with possibly a bit TOO much snark “I guess you could call it that. I ELECTED to keep my husband alive when he tried to die on me, so if that’s ELECTIVE then you’re damn straight I elected it!. Possibly not the most appropriate thing I have ever said.

But I wouldn’t change any of it…not the intensive cleaning I now have to do, nor the constant arguments with insurance, et al, nor the constant long distance driving……..not even the hours wasted waiting for his rehab to finish for the day.

I no longer have tons of time to sew my quilts, nor even to make comfits or jams…..

I no longer read voraciously, but have to settle for one or two books a WEEK instead of one per day.

I don’t have time to go hang out with friends…..BUT,

I have the most important thing.

I have George.

6 thoughts on “funny strange

  1. You have the right way of looking at things.

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  2. Your schedule sounds exhausting, but we somehow adapt and move forward, don’t we? Well done, Suze.

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    1. thanks, my friend. The good thing about all this running around? I sleep like the dead. Oh by the way, I got a Christmas card from my Senator…the one who blocked me on twitter!

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      1. Christmas spirit??? Senator Nelson e-mailed a very nice “good-by” message. I will miss that man, but he deserves a nice retirement. The idiot that replaces him is, well……an idiot

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      2. sorry for your idiot..did they refuse to count those half poked chads again? gore shoulda won ya know..danged Florida

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  3. You have George (bless you both) and I have my Hubby, the most important person in my life. I don’t want anything else.

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