WOTD Incongruous


Incongruous ……..quite a mouthful.

“The old parties are husks, with no real soul within either, divided on artificial lines, boss-ridden and privilege-controlled, each a jumble of incongruous elements, and neither daring to speak out wisely and fearlessly on what should be said ” Theodore Roosevelt

Amazingly prophetic words considering the government that now exists.

The Cheeto has been speaking about making his son-in-law Jared Kushner the next Chief of staff.

Well, he might have a good one there.

Jared has been an excellent money manager…after all he purchased a building for 1.9 billion dollars then turned around and sold it for 8 million! Wow! I want him for my money manager, don’t you?

He created peace in the Middle East by befriending a murderous Saudi prince and approving the move of our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem even though it enraged both Palestinians and Israelis! Excellent work that.

He looks good standing behind the Cheeto while holding out that chicken arm for his lovely and much adored wife, Ivanka. he just LOOKS like what we’d all want our Nation’s chief of staff to look like, doesn’t he?

Of course, Jared will need that pesky little security clearance problem to disappear before he can take over his new duties…..but that should be easy for him to do. After all, daddy in law is the president and can do it all by an executive order. That should solve all of our Nation’s problems.


2 thoughts on “WOTD Incongruous

  1. Incongruous indeed. Kushner is a mealy-mouthed worm and weasel who is a disgrace to his heritage. Yeah, he fits right in with the trump corruption.

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