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Rory poses yet more questions… he writes all kind of other things as well as impertinent questions,…go check his blog and you’ll see.

Feeling Lucky Are We?



Who commanded the Prussian forces at the Battle of Waterloo?  the Prince of Wallstat, Gebhard something or other

Who said, “Veni, vide, vici”? You mean besides my Latin professor? it is attributed to Julius Caesar 

In which French city was Joan of Arc burned at the stake? Rouen (it’s in France ya know)

The invasion of which country brought Britain into the Second World War? Poland

By which name did the son of Mary Queen of Scots later become known? James VI of Scotland and James I of Britain (the wisest fool in Christendom” according to Henry IV of France.)

In which present day country did the Renaissance start? Italy

In which year did Nelson Mandela become President of South Africa? oh crap..I was actually living then I should know this. lemme think……it was in the 1990’s……oh heck. 93? I don’t know. Ask me a question about the middle ages.

In which year did the (Second) Boer War start? 1899

Of which country was Catherine the Great Empress?  Russia

Who was President of the United States during the American Civil War?  (Or the War between the States if you are from the South) Lincoln until his assassination then Johnson



In which country was the Duke of Wellington born? Which duke? the first? that would be Arthur and he was born in Ireland….

By which Army was Paris besieged in 1870/71? Prussian Army… when the Prussians won the German Proclamation declared the establishment of the German Empire….too much? 

In which year did Napoleon invade Russia? 1812…that was a busy year for wars.

What was the real name of the first Duke of Marlborough?  John Churchill

By whom was Winston Churchill held prisoner in 1899? the Afrikaners during the Boer war

Who is reputed to have crossed the Alps with elephants to attack Rome? Hannibal

Who commanded the Luftwaffe during the Battle of Britain? Goring

On whose side did Robert E Lee fight in the American Civil War?  Union or Confederate? hey, I’m a graduate of Robert E Lee High School. Lee resigned his position as the chancellor of West Point in order to fight for the confederacy. 

Juno was one of the British/Canadian beaches on D-Day.  Name the other two. oh crap..ya couldn’t ask about British/American forces could ya….I am going to guess. Americans took Omaha and Utah beaches…….so without Juno there was Sword and something else…dag nab it! I know it was a metal but which one? Gold perhaps? or was it Silver.. I give up

What is the full date of the Battle of Waterloo?  Hey, I’m American….it was in June…..the year was….when was the day? I don’t know



Which Shakespeare play includes the following words? “Once more onto the breach, dear friends?” Henry V

Who wrote “Gone with the Wind”? Margaret Mitchell

Who wrote the Sharpe series of novels? the what? Have no clue

Who crested the French detective “Maigret”? crested?  maybe created? I am going with created..I don’t know. lol

What nationality is the fictional figure “Hercule Poirot”? He is Belgian……..NEVER call him French!

On the BBC Radio programme, Desert Island Discs, which two books are ‘given’ to the castaway?  No bloody idea. sorry

Who created Sherlock Holmes? Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

What is the name of the school in the Harry Potter books? I don’t know. never read the books, nor seen a single movie.

Who created the characters on which the Jungle Book is based?  I don’t really know what you are you mean Rudyard Kipling or Mowgli? 

Who wrote the classic First World War novel, “All quiet on the Western Front”? possibly Remarque????????



Name the odd one out.  Onion, carrot, tomato, pea, bean tomato. it is a fruit

Name the odd wine out.  Loire, Bordeaux, Rhineland, Burgundy? Heck if I know. I don’t drink

Bushmills Black Bush is a Scotch whiskey.  True or false? a guess…….sure it is

From which country does Grappa come? greece I think

Turkish Delight is a type of custard.  True or false. it is a candy

Name the odd one out.  Brie, edam, camembert, cantal, roquefort.  roquefort? 

From which part of the UK does the dish ‘scouse’ come?  dunno..

What is a major component of Welsh Rarebit? Cheese

What would you be requesting if you asked for something to be cooked ‘sommelle’ in France?  don’t speak french..maybe……..go to sleep? Somne in Latin is sleep….so……….

Raki is a drink from which country. India? 


Okay, I obviously don’t know much about food and drink…especially drink!

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  1. Smiles and laughter. Plus a lot of knowledge about history! 😂

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  2. Now this is a set of questions I will definitely pass on!

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  3. Suze!!! You are awesome – a credit to Robert E Lee Hight School!!!
    Although it is such a shame they did not teach you about Liverpool – it is the center of the universe you know. Scouse is a dish made with meat leftovers that is made up in Liverpool. They call Liverpool folk (like me) scousers. Although being vegetarian I have never eaten scouse in my life!

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    1. oh cool…….have never heard of scouse before….nice to know.


  4. Excellent Suze, well done. The Imp assures me answers are to follow soon…….ish 🙂

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  5. Reblogged this on A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip! and commented:
    Suze did pretty darn well considering …how well would you fare?

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  6. Sorry, I have been missing your posts, you and several other bloggers I follow have been ending up in my junk mail!! How does that happen?? Anyway, I’ll try to fix it so we can move on. 🙂

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    1. i have no idea! I fished your comment out of junk mail and posted it…….dang wp fairies are at it again.

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