Christmas advent calendar, Dec 18

So, once again Rory of A Guy Called Bloke has set a few challenges..these are all about interaction with other bloggers.. go check the out. let me warn ya though, Rory’s meandering directions are liable to drive a Type A person insane.

I chose to participate in this advent thing……… I know what advent is (I do have that pesky Christian Education and Counseling BA after all), but have NEVER had an advent calendar… this is my first gift to myself this Christmas season.

This day’s instructions are :

“Using images from your favourite locations on the Internet make a Christmas Hamper/Gift Basket  containing five items and then dedicate it to five of your favourite bloggers.

Write a short post on why you have chosen these five bloggers and what they mean to you?”

The things I am gifting are all too large to fit into a basket…I need a huge shipping container for them……..and since I can’t afford a shipping container I am just handing them out one by one!

To Larry of Quest I give this potholder crafting kit.  Larry has been a source of compassion, care and humor since we “met’ online.  He has become closer to me than many of my family members. He shares common ground and common goals in our dealings with our recovery and the recovery of others. He is my emotional “rock”. This kit will allow him to distract Gabby while Larry creates his wonderful recipes (which if you are very nice he will share!)

To Jill of Filosofa’s Word I give this tank…complete with a lifetime supply of watermelons to use as ammo. (it is NOT illegal to shoot watermelons at people).  While she rarely runs out of her own special ammunition to use in poking fun at or vilifying the Cheeto-in-Cheif and his minions, this tank will come in quite handy when she has an overloaded day. Jill has been a bright and RATIONAL light in the midst of our country’s emotional meltdown and I really REALLY appreciate her ability to both calm me down and get me stirred up all at the same time!

To Rose Elaine of Elaine’s Paintings I give this scarf. I made this one and it is the first one that actually looked like a scarf when I took it off the loom. Rose (everyone else calls her Elaine so OF COURSE I call her Rose) is wonderfully creative..her form of art is to paint. I am the proud owner of TWO of her paintings. I can see them each and every day just by sitting down in my computer chair…they hang above the sofa I made in my “office”. Each time I see them, I am reminded that I have a real friend in England…….and hope someday to be able to give her a REAL instead of virtual hug for the beauty she has brought into my life.

To Tessa of Tessa Can Do It! I give a knight in shining armour. Tessa has been through more difficulties in her life than any one should have to, and has done so with grace and good cheer. She glows with positivity and I admire her so. Every woman who has been through so much and come out the other side needs no ones assistance, but it is always nice to have a knight to joust the bad  guys and just wear them down a bit for her.

To Cyranny of Cyranny’s Cove way up north in Freezingland, I give two SOUTHERN Freezingland’s critters and a giant HUG! Since we “met” Cyranny has been a wonderful companion. She has created awards and challenges..she encourages bloggers and interacts with people all over the world with charm and grace. She write beautiful poetry that even though I can not abide poetry makes me smile..or cry. Her inner beauty shines forth to warm everyone that comes into contact with her. Just seeing her name on a comment makes my whole day so much better.

I wish each of these wonderful people a holiday season full of love, grace and friendship. For each of them has given me all of those things.


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  1. Wonderful presents to your bloggers Suze, truly wonderful and well played 🙂

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  2. Reblogged this on A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip! and commented:
    Suze starts the ball rolling on Dec 18 of Advent Calendar Challenge – gifting to her friends some absolutely super duper presents l have to say. I truly loved the watermelon firing tank, and it’s good to know that you can’t be shopped for pelting someone with melon!

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