Queen of questions asks: December 18

The queen is once again asking, and here’s my ridiculous attempt to answer (politely. yea, I know..snark is more my style)


Queen’s Questions:

  1. Who is your favorite existentialist writer?
  2. You find a mysterious package under your tree marked “from Your Fairy Godmother”…what’s in it?
  3. What is your favorite brunch menu?
  4. Who would you like to see in concert (living or dead)?
  5. Do you prefer literary fiction or commercial fiction?
  6. What is your favorite seasonal flavoring?
  7. You need to make a gingerbread house, how do you decorate it?
  8. You have to dress as the opposite sex…what do you wear?
  9. What is one piece of furniture that you can’t live without?
  10. If you can only have a non-standard pet (no dog, cat, fish, bird, etc.), what do you choose to have?
  11. What is your favorite aquatic lifeform?
  12. Are aliens real?
  13. What is your best anti-Trump slogan?
  14. What is your best for-Trump slogan?
  15. If you could swap any two world leaders, who would you swap and why?
  16. You have a bun…what do you put on it?

My answers:

  1. Kafka
  2. A box, within a box, within a box, within yet another box……in which there is one match.
  3. I don’t do brunch, sorry. I can do breakfast all day long, I can do pizza (yes, even cold) all day long..but I can’t do brunch.
  4. Well, since seeing a dead person’s concert is likely to be really really quiet and quite confusing, I wouldn’t mind seeing (hearing) The Manhattan Transfer again.
  5. I am making a huge assumption here that “commercial” fiction is either a bodice ripper or a comic strip book, neither of which can hold my attention……I love literature.
  6. Garam Marsala…….it’s seasonal to me at any rate.
  7. probably with a spaceship stuck in the roof and Marvin the Martian hanging off the chimney.
  8. jeans, my sneakers, a sweatshirt and a ball cap. Of course, I am going commando as I refuse to wear either boxers OR whity-tighty’s.
  9. my bed. I adore my bed. it is adjustable and the mattress is absolutely perfect.
  10. An Israeli rock hyrax. They look (and act) like giant guinea pigs.  
  11. mermaids…..definitely mermaids
  12. sure…..wait. are we talking about space aliens or new-to-this-or-another-country- aliens? Then YES.
  13. Seriously? What were you all thinking?
  14. Seriously? Just don’t think and vote for him…he’s a guy…sort of.
  15. Trump and Theresa May…why not? England is having a hissy fit over their PM and we are having one over our cheeto. Let the brits have Trump. We need a woman in charge anyway.
  16. chopped pork barbeque, some sliced purple onions and even more barbeque sauce……. just let me have a handful of napkins on the side please.

3 thoughts on “Queen of questions asks: December 18

  1. Great answers! For the record, commercial fiction is genre fiction, literary fiction concerns itself more with the craft and art of writing and is often more “serious” in nature (otherwords, books that don’t fit into narrow genres).

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    1. HUH??????? oh like Louis L’Mour wrote western stuff and Agatha wrote mystery stuff? well then, I like everything except bodice rippers.

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