George retired yesterday.

George has officially retired…………

Yesterday, after the company Christmas Party, my hubby handed in his resignation from Hospice Circle of Love. It was one of the most difficult decisions he has ever made. He LOVED his job.

The people he worked with were family to him and he truly regretted having to say goodbye to his job of almost five years.

His surgeon had told him that he would “never be able to safely lift over 100 pounds”, and that it would be at least “six months” before he could lift 50.

George is a nurse..a Hospice nurse. One of the most basic job requirements is to be able to lift a patient…..and that he will never again be able to do.

We must have discussed all the options open to him for hours before he made up his mind……………and afterwards he wandered away to his shed for several hours. When he came in his eyes were reddened and his face tear stained. He typed up a beautiful letter and signed it………..with a sigh.

He gave that letter to his boss yesterday.

Last night, after a day of silence, his face brightened and he said “I can volunteer there!”.

Yes. Yes he can.

And with that decision, George lost the fear of no job, no medical insurance and recovering from a quad bypass.

We’ll figure it all out. We’ll easily learn to live with less with the coming of early social security retirement as our only means of support. We’ll learn how to minimize. I already know how to steal from Peter to pay Paul, and am quite good at negotiating with lenders to achieve both our goals…mine of repayment and theirs of being paid.

He will do without that upcoming electrocardiogram (4400 bucks we do not have) and we will sign back up with the nurse practitioners…..I will fill out multiple forms and send requests to drug companies for free pharmaceuticals. I will sign up for Medicaid and food stamps and anything else I can squeeze from our government to make life easier for George.

I will even learn to enjoy (well maybe not enjoy so much as accept) constant MASH and CHEERS reruns.  Thank goodness George enjoys my Masterpiece Theater as I’d have to maim him if he made me give it up!

It is all so worth it to have George here and happy in his unexpected retirement.



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  1. A new phase. Hope it all works out well.

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  2. Thank you for sharing!… I am glad that all is well and that George is retiring.. now he can safely live his life with you and, even though have to make a few changes, still can enjoy and help others…. 🙂 “The only thing that stands between you and your dream is the will to try and the belief that it is actually possible.” – Joel Brown
    You and your family have a safe and wonderful holiday and Christmas filled with love and happiness….

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  3. A heartwarming and positive post Suze.
    Happy retirement George, and the idea of being a volunteer is brilliant.
    I know what you mean about saving money. We’ve been doing it for years, then I was told I had to wait a further 6 years for my state pension. We manage and become official pensioners in 2021 and 2022, unless they move the goalposts again for us to qualify.
    We modify and adapt, and if we can’t afford it, either put money aside until we can, or go without, but we’re happy, have each other, and have enough.

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  4. You sound like a strong person that can handle it! Best to you both! ❤

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  5. I am so glad that you are seeing the light at the end of this tunnel. We learn to adapt, Suze. At least George is not into continual reruns of Lucy or the Honeymooners.😁🙏

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    1. I’d have to shoot him if he were. There is no reason on Earth why anyone should have to deal with those shows again……

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