it’s a load of hooey

Oh to be young, innocent and amazingly stupid again………….

Today has been a series of non-discussions on race, poverty, sexism, racism, politics, the right of a person to be considered a different sex than that they were born to………

It’s absolutely tiring.

What’s particularly tiresome is the ability of the young to see only one side to any issue and to believe anything in print…………even when that information can only be false.

I have reached the age of questioning everything for veracity before I believe it…or spend one iota of my time worrying about it or doing anything about it.

First it was all paid hospitalization and medical care for every US citizen……okay sounds good. Then it was make all the companies that give Christmas bonuses give to the medical care instead……hooboy.

Then it was how awful that a dad is fighting in court and losing a battle to keep his son a male.???? Yea, I sorta went huh? All kinds of “court documents to back up the story.all written by hand, big black marks blacking out mistakes….super messy.

Ummmmmmmm, not in any court I’ve ever attended…and I have over ten years of weekly court to back me up.

Secondarily was the “if the kid thinks he is a girl, where’s the actual problem if mom dresses him as one and he renamed himself?”

(which is what one “document” stated)

The response…”no, it is all the mom wanting a girl.”

hooey. It’s all a load of hooey.


4 thoughts on “it’s a load of hooey

  1. I find it’s the older generation that is much of the problem in some cases. However, I am so perturbed with everything that is going and with all the nitpicking, fighting, back biting, and BS that is going on, its just unreal. If I had cable, I would simply turn the channel. People don’t think past their noses anymore. Yes, there was a time when the majority did.

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  2. Suze, is hooey akin to fahooey or baloney? Once again too many of them thar religious folks got their hooeys up their fahooeys and worryin tooooo much about my baloney….. and Gabby ain’t talking about sandwiches. It’s my baloney and I shall do with it as I like!!!! EEEEEEEEEHAW

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    1. okay…I giggled..then laughed, and unfortunately was attempting to take a drink while doing so. I snorted cocola outta my nose! LOL

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      1. O no, well at least it wasn’t Dr. Pepper. I must tell Gabby to cool his jets.

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