the queen’s questions, December 22

Woot! Her Majesty is back with some questions! Waaahoooooooo!


  1. Where is one place you love to go walking?
  2. Would you rather walk around: Disneyland, a city park, an art museum, or a natural landscape?
  3. What is one thing you like to do that is within an hour’s drive of you?
  4. You are taking off for a driving day trip…where do you go and what do you do?
  5. What songs are on your driving playlist?
  6. You have a plane ticket for anywhere in the world…where do you go?
  7. Your flight is 22 hours…how do you pass the time?
  8. If you could pick anyone to be your seat partner (in a car or on a plane), who would it be?
  9. Where would you like to take a cruise to?
  10. You’re stranded in a lifeboat in the middle of the ocean…will you survive?
  11. Santa offer’s you a trip in his sleigh…do you accept?
  12. You are picked to go to the ISS for a year. Do you accept?
  13. You would rather: stay home, travel with the Doctor, go home with ET, or get Lost in Space?
  14. Lost in Space vs. Star Trek…who traveled the stars better?
and my answers:
  1. The City of Jerusalem. not that I can anymore, but it was a glorious city.
  2.  a natural landscape…anywhere except the north or south pole. I just don’t like snow and cold that much
  3. dig up crystals at a state park…’s free, filthy, can waste HOURS digging, and you can keep any crystals you find.
    salt plains dig area

    4. I go to either the great salt plains park and dig crystals (see above answer) or to Old Mary’s ..a ginormous flea market in OKC.

    5.  I have cd’s. I am still not sure just what a playlist is supposed to be…so the cds are Mary Chapin Carpenter (her first album), Carole King (all of them, Carly Simon (all of them) and Madonna (Ray of Light)

6. Jerusalem

7. The flight is only 13 hours actually, but there is a five hour layover so I guess it almost works. I annoy people. I watch people, I sleep on the chairs by spreading out over four or five of them to lie down, I ask silly questions like “what is a playlist and where can I buy one?”

8. Angie, my bff, every single time!

9. probably Mars. If Matt Damon can survive I know damned well I can. I am smarter.

10. Nope. I get eaten by a shark…………

11. nope. I’m allergic to “ho ho ho’s”

12. nope. I can’t wear a jumpsuit and still look good.

13.  oh heck, the doctor and I are busy right now. Can I finish this later?

14. well, Lost in Space only got as far as a wierd earth-like planet………and Star Trekkies went through multiple universes and found things like rock eating pizza monsters, huge lizards with horrid adenoids and blue half-nekkid women with white hair for Kirk to drool over. Star Trek wins.

6 thoughts on “the queen’s questions, December 22

  1. Love your answers! 😂

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  2. Old Mary’s looks fantabulous! 😃😃

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    1. it takes two days to see everything. I love it. only place I can get a live chicken, an antique table and blue jeans at the same time……..

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      1. My kinda place! 😃👍🏻

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  3. Last answer made me laugh especially!

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