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I don’t know why it never occurs to me that when I am “re-modeling” one room or another that some of my “improvements simply don’t fit…unless I demolish something first.

Case in Point…a new freezer.

I know I have a tiny kitchen…….I have a minuscule laundry room..I have no hallways and no back porch upon which to place a freezer………not that I would put a freezer on a back porch…to me that is just “trashy”.


they were on sale at 40% off!


Yes, I got one. I used my Christmas money which I had dang near saved all year to get something special…do you have ANY IDEA how much spare change one must “find’ in their husband’s pockets to have the price of a freezer?

In any event, I sort of measured a space I thought it would fit and got one on Christmas Eve when that 40% had an additional 25% tacked on just for the day. Garry and Angie were with us so we managed to get the freezer into the house. George got to hold the screen door open, Angie told us which way to move and Garry and I carried that sucker into the house.

I unpacked it (after taking poor Garry and Angie home again), stared at the kitchen corner and thought “I need to pull out those old cabinets”

After an hour of beating on old metal cabinets from the 1920’s, I finally managed to remove them…….and discovered there was no outlet close enough t the freezer AND those cabs were GROSS! I spent the next hour cleaning grease, dead bugs and filth off the remaining cab. I scraped filth off the floor until I realized that I needed a 3/4 inch ply piece to put on the now visible floor….a half hour late the new “floor” was in and screwed down.

After a danged bug crawled from beneath those pretty tin wall tiles I decided it was also time to remove them.

yes, it needs more paint.

You can see the glue left behind.  It’s going to take a good week to get all the tiles down…some are across the top of the sink so THAT means I allo have the added benefit of replacing all the sink caulk.

Once I got the tiles down from the corner area I could put in the electrical.

Since it is raining like mad today, I have to put off extending the electrical……….but at least I am prepared. I bought a surface attachment for the electrical extension plug I need. At least I was thinking ahead here.

It’s a good thing I can do my own electrical upgrades!

In the meantime, I am exhausted from messing with it all. c-ya later!


6 thoughts on “making room

  1. Yep, no redo is simple as 1-2-3 presto done. You’ve got the patience of Job. That sucker would be setting on the back porch, trashy looking or not. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEhaw. Gabby says, just throw a tarp over it.😎

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    1. Except I don’t have a back porch, so I would need to build one first……

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  2. Hubby cringes when I say two particular words……………… Trust Me.
    You’ll get the idea from this post:
    and the one that follows that is a bit anusing too!

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  3. We live in a c.1905 house with all the quirky peculiarities of an old, old house staring us in the face every time we think of a project. So take it from me you made one tiny little mis
    You thought purchasing a freezer would be a breeze? Silly you! You forgot about the ” Mushroom Factor” that’s when any project started out with well defined parameters and budget and within the blink of an eye

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    1. Sorry…at the airport and list my connection
      Within a blink of an eye your project mushrooms into a project of epic proportions and costs. Good luck with your budget freezer.😃

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  4. You got it done, almost! Wonderful.

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